It is possible to terminate the contract in 3 months… Day 1 overdue wages again

It was confirmed that Goyang Day One, a professional basketball player, still failed to pay the wages of the players.

According to the KBL and Day One clubs on the 10th, they failed to pay wages for April to the players. “We plan to pay all unpaid wages by the end of this month, and the sale process is in progress and has not been concluded,” the club explained.

KBL, which hosts men’s professional basketball, held a board of directors meeting on the 2nd and approved the club name change plan, changing ‘Carrot’ to ‘Day1’.

Although it was not on the official agenda, we are paying attention to the situation of Day One, which suffered throughout last season due to lack of operating funds. In fact, the mood of the board is that financial issues such as wages must be resolved by the end of this month.

It is said that there is a slight difference in the amount of unpaid money for each player. KBL said that it had completed an assessment of the current status of non-payment period and scale.

According to KBL Player Standard Contract, Article 23, ‘Termination of Contract’, Paragraph 2, Item 4, if the club has not paid the annual salary according to the contract for more than 3 months without justifiable reasons, the player can terminate the contract immediately.

In addition, Article 6 of the same article states that ‘if the contract is terminated under this Article, the player can freely sign a player contract with another club’.

However, no player has shown such a move in Day One. It is not clear whether there is a player who falls under ‘unpaid for more than 3 months’.

The free agency (FA) market opened on the 8th, but I rarely hear about Day One.

An official said, “I know that the Day One players have not received a clear explanation from the club regarding the overdue wages. They are just waiting. It is not much different from the season.”

Day One delayed payment of 500 million won, the first portion of the membership fee, ahead of the season opening in October of last year, and finally paid the remaining 1 billion won at the end of March after controversy. The wages of the players and the payment of subcontractors were all overdue.

They impressed the fans by defeating Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the semifinal playoffs and winning 1 win (3 losses) against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which ranked No.

If there is no significant improvement even in the off-season, there are observations that a major decision can be made at the KBL and board level. While the possibility of consignment operation of KBL is not high, the possibility of a nine-team system is also raised.안전놀이터

At this point, there is no clear plan other than to trust and wait for Day One’s operation and sale plan.

KBL’s current motto is that if the club’s cause is clear, it will prioritize player protection and prevent damage to the team.

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