It was aimed at blacks + Muslims” PSG coach Galtier’s suspicion of racism spread… I deny ‘notice of legal action’

Christophe Galtier (57, France), Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach, was surrounded by suspicion of racist remarks when he was coach of Nice.

It originated from the remarks of Julien Fournier, who served as director of football when Galtier was the manager of Nice. According to the French newspaper ‘L’Equipe’ recently, Fournier claimed that at the end of last season coach Galtier made racist remarks to some of Nice’s players. He is said to have sent an e-mail containing this to an executive of Ineos, a petrochemical company owned by Nice.

The e-mails contained content criticizing Muslim players for fasting during Ramadan, including one from Galtier, who said, “You can’t have that many blacks and Muslims on the team.”

Director Galtier refuted Fournier’s claim through his lawyer and announced that he would take legal action for defamation. On the 14th (Korean time), two days before the match against Reims, he told the local media, “I was very shocked (accused of racism). I cannot accept that I and my family are being defiled in this way.”

However,바카라 the PSG club and fans are closely watching the controversy over Galtier’s racist remarks. It is PSG that has strict standards regarding racism like major big clubs. If Galtier’s allegations turn out to be true, it will be a big blow.

Other French teams are also paying attention. On the 15th, right after the match against Lyon, Toulouse coach Philippe Montagnier said about Galtier, “I have never heard of rumors of racism. People who have known him for decades said he had never heard of racist remarks,” he said. “I was surprised.”

Meanwhile, coach Galtier served as coach of Nice in the 2021-2022 season.

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