It wasn’t Son Heung-min’…’Serious conversation’ Klinsman-The player who made Cha Doo-ri laugh

Before the players go to the ground, head coach Klinsman and technical advisor Cha Doo-ri are having a serious conversation. Cha Du-ri, who can speak fluent German, delivers information about K-League players to manager Klinsmann.

Coach Klinsman began to meticulously write down in his notebook what he had heard from advisor Cha Du-ri. Director Klinsman, who is well known as a ‘memo junkie’, always carries and checks his notes. On this day, his hands were busy.

After finishing the memo, coach Klinsman had a long conversation with advisor Cha Du-ri with a serious expression. It was a rather heavy atmosphere. Suddenly, however, advisor Du-Ri Cha saw the player coming down the ground and started to smile brightly. Coach Klinsman, who was next to him, also checked the player belatedly and laughed together. Who the heck did he see that made him smile like this?

It was Lee Kang-in, who belatedly joined the national team. When Lee Kang-in found Cha Du-ri’s advisor, he was the first to run and hugged him and acted aegyo. Cha Doo-ri’s serious expression disappeared due to Lee Kang-in’s aegyo and changed to his uncle’s smile. Director Klinsman, who was next to him, was also happy to see Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in is regarded as the next-generation ace of Korean soccer. Lee Kang-in, who did not receive many business trip opportunities when he was coach Paulo Bento, is expected to be different under the Klinsman coaching system. Coach Klisman praised Lee Kang-in as “a player who shows a very high level of football” and expressed high expectations, saying, “I will watch all Mallorca games in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Korean national soccer team summoned all foreign players to play a game against Colombia at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 24th and against Uruguay at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th. In the past, coach Bento mainly used Lee Kang-in, who had an accurate kick, as a joker in the second half of the game.먹튀검증 If so, how will coach Klinsman use Lee Kang-in to differentiate himself?

Coach Klinsman prefers fast attacking football from defense to midfield to midfield and left and right flanks, so Lee Kang-in can start.

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