It’s a peach for the Jamboree members… The couple who stole two boxes

Suspicion was raised that a couple stole peaches given to Jamboree members.

On the 8th, on the online community Bobae Dream, a post titled ‘Jamboree members, eat a lot of couples who stole two boxes of peaches’ was posted.

Writer A began by saying, “I drove for four hours today and paid the entrance fee with my child to enter the Jamboree. The entrance fee is also expensive. Adults 20,000 won, children 13 and under 10,000 won, Jeollabuk-do residents free.”

Mr. A said, “For each booth, souvenirs are먹튀검증 distributed or experienced, but the quantity is fixed, so it seemed difficult to give to the whole family. This is obviously an event centered on scouts, but there were people who dared to receive all of them.”

He also pointed out, “At one booth, a woman in her 40s grabs souvenirs and asks if they are all free or can she take them, shouting out loud and saying thank you, but isn’t it embarrassing?”

Mr. A said, “(At another booth) there were peaches provided for the members to eat. In the Belgian camp, which withdrew, they piled up a little, but the members took one by one or the guidance teachers from each country took one or two boxes. Of course, visitors thought to touch it. I didn’t do it. It’s common sense. The quantity wasn’t enough,” he said.

He continued, “But there was a family who stole two boxes of them and took them home. No one stopped me, neither the police nor the officials, when I went with them. It was already cluttered, but it seemed like the atmosphere was going quietly.”

He said, “I tried to say something to bring it and put it down, but I just gave up. If that was the case, I wouldn’t have done this in the first place, and I felt more embarrassed if I went to Goseong for no reason.” added.

Still, Mr. A said, “Those who donated local specialties, those who brought Korean souvenirs and handed them out, those who brought several boxes of ice water without knowing that there was an infinite supply, and those who were worried about the children as soon as they entered, accounted for 99.8%” ( Scouts) hoped that during the remaining time, they would eat delicious food, make a lot of friends, see a lot of good things, and go back safely.”

Meanwhile, the government has been evacuating about 37,000 participants in the Jamboree with about 1,000 buses from the morning of this day in preparation for Typhoon Kanun’s landing on the Korean Peninsula. They are expected to stay in about 130 accommodations, including public institutions and university dormitories in the metropolitan area.

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