It’s actually a full-time full-time, but Lee Yeong-joon, who harasses the opponent even in extra time, grows stormy under ‘Sharp’… flutter on the world stage

The power to support Eunjoong Kim. It is striker Lee Yeong-joon (Chief Kim Cheon).

Youngjun Lee, striker of the under-20 (U-20) national soccer team, started in the round of 16 of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup against Ecuador held at Santiago del Estero Stadium in Argentina on the 2nd (Korean time) and finished 11 minutes in the first half. He scored the first goal in the first half and led his team to a 3-2 victory. Thanks to Lee Yeongjun’s performance, Korea advanced to the quarterfinals.

Lee Yeongjun led the attack with light movements from the beginning of the game and scored the opening goal in the 11th minute of the first half. After trapping Bae Jun-ho’s penetrating pass with his chest, he shook the net with a powerful right-footed volley. It was a scene where the exquisite movement and excellent finish to dig into the space behind the defensive line shone.

This is the 2nd goal of the tournament. Lee Young-joon scored the winning goal with a header in the match against France in the first match of the last group stage. He is doing his share as the team’s main striker with 2 goals in 4 matches.

Lee Yeong-joon was substituted for extra time in the second half of the match against France, and played full-time in the remaining three matches. He is effectively a field player who has played full-time in four consecutive games. He spends time on the pitch rather than heading to the bench, even though it is a difficult position where he competes with physically good defenders throughout the game. Another striker, Seong Jin-young, who was unable to participate in the tournament due to injury, and Park Seung-ho, who fell from the horse during the tournament, were left blank.

Nevertheless, Lee Yeong-joon, who is currently a soldier under the management of Gimcheon, is tirelessly performing his role at the forefront. His passing to teammates, fighting through defenders, holding the ball, and linking up is particularly good. He shows great talent not only in scoring, which is the striker’s job, but also in linking. He looks clunky because of his good physicality, but he plays the role of lubricant with delicate trapping and passing play. He has good stamina and can harass opponents until the end of the second half. On this day, in the extra time of the second half, he attempted a powerful header with sharp movements and aimed for an additional goal. From his opponent’s point of view, he is a terrifying attacker.메이저사이트

Since the beginning of last year, Lee Yeong-joon was called by Kim Eun-joong, the U-20 national team coach, and has played an active role. During his active career, he steadily grew under the guidance of coach Kim, who was popular with the nickname ‘Sharp’. At his team, Suwon FC, he was taught by coach Kim Do-gyun. After his military enlistment, he improved his upper body muscles to improve his competitiveness as a striker. At the same time, Lee Young-joon settled down as an indispensable striker in the U-20 national team.

Korea will play Nigeria in the quarterfinals on the 5th. In order to advance to the semifinals, Lee Yeongjun’s role is important again this time.

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