It’s hot, but it’s bad… Jamboree situation with the word “Anti-Korea Manufacturing Festival”

While dozens of participants in the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree collapsed in the heat and were taken to the hospital, various points are being raised about the poor environment at the venue. In addition to the provision of spoiled food, inconvenience in using the canteen, complaints about expensive prices, and hygiene issues such as toilets were raised.

An anonymous informant who participated in the Saemangeum Jamboree revealed to News 1 on the same day that he found black mold on the baked egg he received for breakfast on the 2nd. He explained, “I could see white foreign substances on the eggshell and it was sticky, so after cleaning and opening the egg, black mold was growing inside.” .

The baked eggs provided by the Organizing 먹튀검증Committee to the Jamboree participants on this day were 2 per person, and it was found that 6 out of 80 eggs received by 40 members had mold.

An official from the organizing committee’s event support headquarters said, “The baked eggs provided to the participants were disposed of immediately after (mold) was discovered, and no participants ate them.” We will thoroughly manage it so that there are no problems with the meals provided in the future,” he explained to News 1.

It is said that there are many inconveniences in using the mart within the Jamboree. Another informant, Mr. B, said, “I stood in line for 200m and bought two rolls of toilet paper, but I got 4,000 won. It is expensive overall,” he insisted on News 1, saying, “It seems to be taking profit against the participants.”

In fact, it was reported that the convenience store inside the Jamboree was having difficulty accommodating the number of people. Since the inside is air-conditioned and cold drinks are also sold, people who want to use this place flock to it, and they say that they have to wait for more than 30 minutes in the scorching sun to enter.

Toilet hygiene issues were also raised. CBS Nocut News reported that the toilets in the ‘Delta Area’, where adult scouts and daily visitors stay, were in poor cleanliness, reminiscent of public toilets in the 1980s and 1990s. It is said that there were many cases where the toilet was left untreated.

A domestic adult participant who participated in this Jamboree as a leader posted a long article on the online community on the 2nd, saying, “It is too poor.” He said, “First of all, the distance between the camp and the toilet is far, both the toilet and shower are crowded, so you have to wait for a long time, the ground is too soft to fix the tent, there is not enough fan, let alone air conditioner, and the food is poor.” festival,” he criticized.As this reality is reported, some criticize it as “disgrace to the country”. It is pointed out that sufficient preparations have not been made while hosting large-scale international events. This Jamboree will be held until the 12th, and as 43,000 members have to camp for nearly 10 days in the heat wave, there are many concerns about health and other issues.Heat-related illnesses and injuries are already appearing one after another. On the night of the opening ceremony, 88 people, including scouts, collapsed complaining of dizziness and were taken to the hospital. It was found that 83 patients suffered from heat-related illness, and 5 patients showed symptoms such as ankle fractures or anxiety disorders. The World Scout Organizing Committee said, “There are no seriously ill patients,” and “we will explain the specific situation at a later briefing.”

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