I’ve been dedicated for over 10 years… Returned to demand for a drastic cut in weekly wages

It is news that Manchester United are planning to drastically cut David de Gea’s weekly wage .

De Gea is the patron saint of Manchester United. De Gea, who was picked as a replacement for Edwin van der Sar and started playing in the Manchester United uniform from the 2011-12 season, has been a strong defender of Manchester United’s goal for over 10 years, except for a period of sluggishness for a while. He is also referred to as Ferguson’s legacy because he was recruited during Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure as Manchester United manager.

His animalistic reflexes are considered his greatest strength. De Gea’s reflexes work in tandem with his physical attributes, his long arms, creating a tremendous synergistic effect. It is also the reason why De Gea is consistently ranked as one of the best goalkeepers in the English Premier League (EPL), not being pushed back from competition for the starting position even though he plays for a big club called Man Utd.

De Gea’s contract ends this season 먹튀검증. When the season ends and summer comes, De Gea will also become a free agent (FA). For Manchester United, catching De Gea will be of great help to the team. But negotiations to renew De Gea’s contract are progressing slowly. It is reported that this was because he had a difference of opinion over his salary.

Manchester United want to cut De Gea’s weekly wages. Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ exclusively reported that “Man United want to take a huge salary cut from De Gea in order to sign a new multi-year deal.” De Gea is reportedly earning around £350,000 a week. De Gea’s weekly wage is among the highest at Manchester United.

This is an amount that exceeds the weekly wage cap recently set by Manchester United. Coach Eric Ten Hag is said to be trying to apply a new rule called the ‘Ronaldo Rule’, which manages all players’ weekly wages below a certain amount in order to minimize discord in the locker room. The upper limit is 200,000 pounds (approximately 325 million won). The weekly wages of players classified as high runners, such as Bruno Fernandez and Casemiro, do not exceed this amount.

If the difference in opinion on the weekly wage is not narrowed, it is expected that it will be difficult to renew the contract. ‘Torque Sports’ hinted that De Gea was considering other options, saying “De Gea is known to be monitoring the situation of Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak before deciding on his future.”

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