Jang Je-won’s sincerity at the Lee Dong-gwan hearing (?)

Today (18th), the confirmation hearing of Lee먹튀검증 Dong-gwan, a candidate for the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, was held at the National Assembly.

Candidate Lee, who served as a spokesperson for the Blue House and chief public relations under the Lee Myung-bak administration, actively denied the ‘suspicion of taking control of broadcasting’ against him at the hearing. In addition, Min Hyeong-bae, a member of the Democratic Party , launched an offensive by citing a report on “Journalists Needing VIP

Call Encouragement” written by Candidate Lee while he was a spokesperson . Candidate Lee, who said, “I didn’t feel the value of answering,” then how did Rep. Je-won Jang of the People’s Power, the chairman of the National Assembly’s oversight committee, react? Let’s see it together.

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