Jang Won-young flinches at the touch of a male elementary school student… Mom Café “Too much for kids” criticism ‘headwind’

 Jang Won-young, a member of the girl group IVE 온라인카지노, received untimely criticism for flinching when she saw an elementary school fan reaching out to her.

On the 24th, in an online community, an article titled ‘Café that says Wonyoung Jang is too much’ was posted.In the video, Jang Won-young, who was moving with the members of Ive, flinched when a male elementary school student suddenly approached and stretched out his hand toward her body, then hesitated and walked away in the direction she was going. Afterwards, this elementary school student is stopped by the staff who followed her.This scene, which could not be seen as a special commotion, became controversial as some Mom Cafe members pointed out Jang Won-young’s attitude. An absurd point came out that if you were an idol member who was loved by elementary school students, you should have managed your expressions more or responded kindly.

Some members said, “It’s a bit bittersweet. It’s a child, but if you don’t avoid it openly and smile once, it’s a precious memory that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. Look at his eyes”, “The usual attitude came out in an instant. Criticism comments such as “not a kind personality in the first place” and “an expression that touched something harmful” were left.

In response, other Mom Cafe members came forward and said, “It is wrong to touch someone else’s body carelessly. It’s natural to be surprised”, “Be glad you didn’t scream”, “Jang Won-young is also a precious child”, and “Educate your son properly”.

On the other hand, after the details of such a war of words were released online, sparks flew all over ‘Mom Cafe’. While ‘Parent abuse’ was on the cutting board due to the extreme choice of a first-year homeroom teacher at Seoi Elementary School recently, the arrow of criticism was directed at the entire unspecified Mom Cafe, where parents of similar age groups gathered.

When the comments criticizing Mom Cafe members and parents of elementary school students became overheated, some netizens asked for self-respect, saying, “There are mothers who express normal opinions in Mom Cafe, so let’s not criticize it” and “Excessive criticism and instigation of conflict have gone too far.”

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