‘KBO King of Speed’ Seohyun Kim’s freedom to experiment… It changes every time I see it, what is the point of observation that the legend saw?

Kim Seo-hyun (19), who joined Hanwha after being nominated for the first overall nomination in the 2023 rookie draft, is already active as a member of the team’s winning group. He is as attractive as his pitch.

He throws a ball at over 155 km/h without hesitation. He is the best in the KBO league this season in terms of average velocity alone. This in itself is a huge threat to others. Here, he started throwing a large curve in the early 130km range and a changeup in the early 140km range against left-handed hitters. He only has a repertoire of pitches, and he has a fast ball, a slow curveball, and a mid-level changeup. Whatever he is, he’s an attractive pitcher.

It’s amazing how he changes from game to game. It’s like he’s experimenting with his pitching form every game. He throws with his upper body erect, throws with his upper body bent, and even changes his glove action. In the game against NC held at Changwon Stadium on the 27th, it was noticeable that he threw with his upper body higher than before. Kim Seo-hyun, a style that has not been stingy with changes since his high school days, is struggling to draw an optimized picture that suits him in his pro.

However, he has struggled a bit in the last two matches. In the match against KIA on the 23rd, he allowed 3 runs while receiving 3 hits in 1⅓ innings. Even against Changwon NC on the 27th, he could not take full responsibility for one inning. Looking at the contents of the last two games, the player himself seems to have a lot of thoughts.

Kim Seo-hyun, who climbed the mound in the 7th inning with a 3-0 lead, treated the first batter, Kim Joo-won, as a floating ball in right field and started the game lightly. However, the crisis began when he gave Do Tae-hoon a ball that fit his body. He caught Son Ah-seop with a ground ball to second base, but allowed Park Min-woo a slow-flowing infield hit with a 3-way interval, and then Park Gun-woo threw four balls in a row in 1S and allowed a full base. Then, when left-hander Martin batted, Hanwha raised left-hander Kim Bum-soo to put out the fire.

According to the tally of ‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league clubs, Kim Seo-hyun’s highest speed on that day was 157.2 km/h, which came out when Do Tae-hun was at bat. Four roads over 155 km were recorded. It’s not up to his speed at his peak, but it’s still the best speed in the league. However, there were some instances where the fastball’s control was somewhat shaken and counted with a breaking ball, but the fastball’s control was not perfect that day either. It can be troubling that this trend continues.

Kim Seo-hyun is a three-quarter pitcher, and has a large arm swing that is rare among Korean players. Pitching experts say that it is not easy for an ordinary player to throw like this. He must have the strength to overcome that big arm swing, which is an analysis that there is a certain amount of natural area. If your strength drops, you may damage your elbow. So, Seohyun Kim’s continued experiment has a point that draws attention. This is because he must minimize his risk of injury while maintaining restraint and position.

On the other hand, a large pitching form can be somewhat disadvantageous in terms of control. ‘Legend’ Yoon Seok-min, who has achieved the triple crown in the KBO League, and ‘Sporttime Baseball’ member, said about Kim Seo-hyun’s form, “Now, he is playing against batters anyway, so he will not feel the need to fundamentally change. “You can feel how hard it is to throw that strong ball all year long,” he said. Kim Seohyun’s point of view is that what she feels is important.

He continued, “(After one season), I can go in the direction of paying a little more attention to control, and if so, I think the pitching form may be slightly modified. Now that the form is large, it is basically not easy to catch the ball. “They throw the same fast ball, but Ahn Woo-jin, Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun are a little different. Kim Seo-hyun throws with more force,” he analyzed.

In the end,메이저사이트 Commissioner Yoon says that it is not a big deal to talk about this and that around him. It is expected that there will be things that you feel and change while throwing and running full-time. This is the reason why Kim Seohyun’s experiment is not viewed badly. What kind of feeling will be written down in Kim Seo-hyun’s notebook, and watching the process of how this huge talent evolves into a complete player will be a point of observation for Hanwha.

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