Kicking at a woman passing by… Another ‘don’t ask assault’ riot

In these heinous times where people cannot feel safe if they do not protect themselves, crimes indiscriminately assaulting strangers and threatening them with a weapon for staring at them are continuing across the country. 

This is reporter Kang Bo-in.

When the pedestrian signal turns on at the crosswalk, people cross.  

A man stops midway and looks at a woman slowly approaching from behind. 

When a woman runs ahead, he kicks out of nowhere.

Women stop collapsing, and men leisurely cross the road.

The victim, a woman in her 70s, was injured for two weeks.

And that wasn’t all.

The man assaulted an elderly man in his 80s 먹튀검증waiting for a signal at another crosswalk on the 12th for no particular reason.

Even at the beginning of this month, there are only four confirmed crimes, such as swinging a fist on the back of a tourist in his 20s and 30s.

The man caught at the end of the chase was Mr. A in his 30s, and he had no one-on-one relationship with the victims. 

He was found to have committed a similar crime last year while on probation, but he declined to comment, saying he had “no recollection.”

The police arrested Mr. A and are investigating the female crime.

Police officers run in the direction pointed out by citizens.

This is the arrest of a man in his 40s who threatened passers-by with a weapon and swung his fist. 

Mr. B threatened two men who were on the road while drunk and threatened with a weapon he had, and one man who stopped it was injured by cutting his hand.

The man swung a weapon at those who had no one to look at because he “looked at himself” here. 

Just before, he was punched in an altercation with another man in his 50s. 

“I thought he said something stupid after saying, ‘Why aren’t you going somewhere?


This is Channel A News, Kang Bo-in.

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