Kim Dong-seon, third son of Hanwha Group owner, purchases additional shares of Hanwha Galleria

Hanwha Galleria announced on the 28th안전놀이터 that Kim Dong-sun, head of Hanwha Galleria’s strategy division, had purchased 40,000 shares of its stock in the market. This purchase is equivalent to a 0.02% stake in Hanwha Galleria. As a result, Kim’s stake in Hanwha Galleria increased to 0.32%.

After the independence of the Hanwha Galleria corporation in February this year, Director Kim continues to buy stocks and increase his stake. Headquarters Kim’s share was 0.03% as of April 13, but he continued to buy until that day, increasing his holding to 0.32%.

Meanwhile, General Manager Kim is the third son of Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-yeon.

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