Kim Ha-seong, satisfied with himself, is now waiting for the Gold Glove? MLB.com “2nd base or utility possible”

 Although there is a very high possibility that the team will not get to where they want to go, the season is coming to an end for Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego), which is enough to get them to where they want to be. Ha-Seong Kim, who has improved in both attack, defense, and defense this year, has now become an indispensable member of the team and has grown into a defender and leadoff that the entire league is paying attention to.

Although, it is disappointing that his batting performance is declining somewhat in September as his physical burden increases. Still, Ha-seong Kim’s offensive performance is likely to hit the highest level since entering the major leagues. As of the 15th (Korean time), Ha-seong Kim played in 141 games and recorded a batting average of 0.268, 17 home runs, 58 RBI, 35 stolen bases, and 80 runs. His hits, home runs, runs scored, and stolen bases have already broken his highest numbers in a season. His personal record can be broken by adding just two more RBIs.

He is also recording 118 in adjusted scoring production (wRC+) compiled by the statistics website ‘Fangraphs’. Ha-seong Kim’s figure in 2021 was 72, and last year it was 106. He rose above the league average last year, but this year he showed off his improved ability by hitting 18% better than the league average. Ha-seong Kim has one of the best records in the National League in terms of stolen bases. It is natural that the team contribution is high.

Now the focus is on whether Ha-Seong Kim can win the title. The upcoming Gold Glove Awards ceremony is attracting attention. Ha-Seong Kim was a finalist in the National League Gold Glove category last year. The award went to Dansby Swanson (currently of the Chicago Cubs), but Ha-seong Kim was in the final three. The Gold Glove is awarded by adding the votes of field officials to the defensive indicators compiled by SIS. This means that the numbers were good and the on-site evaluation was also good.

In fact, at this time last year, he did not have the image of a strong award candidate. Some responded that they were surprised to be in the top three. But this year is different. He is a strong candidate in both the second baseman category and the utility player category that was created last year. He received a lot of attention by showing good performance in defensive indicators such as DRS and OAA throughout the season, and now he is recognized as a “good defensive player” in the major leagues. A brand has been created, which can have a huge impact on voting.

On the 15th, the official Major League Baseball website (MLB.com) also predicted four stories for San Diego after this season and predicted that Kim Ha-seong is highly likely to win the Gold Glove. Aside from this year’s poor performance, San Diego’s team defense was very good. In the infield, Ha-seong Kim showed off his outstanding skills. In the outfield, Trent Grisham, a former Gold Glove winner, as well as Fernando Tatis Jr., who switched to the outfield, showed great performances.

MLB.com said that all three players will be able to challenge for the Gold Glove Award, and regarding Ha-Sung Kim, “Ha-Sung Kim may receive the Gold Glove Award at second base, or else he may be selected as the best utility player.” “He mainly played at second base, but he showed outstanding performance anywhere, including at third base and shortstop,” he said, predicting a strong possibility of winning the award.

It is not yet decided on which side Ha-Seong Kim will compete. Ha-seong Kim played 777⅔ innings at second base, 245⅓ innings at third base, and 137⅓ innings at shortstop this year. He was an all-round beauty. Still, he recorded +13 in DRS. Those are league-leading numbers, and depending on how you evaluate his contributions as he moves between multiple positions, he could come close to winning the award.

Even if he doesn’t necessarily win the award메이저사이트, Kim Ha-seong’s defensive skills are already being recognized. He has become a player who can challenge for the Gold Glove at any time. Ha-Seong Kim is also quite satisfied with his performance this year. He said that although the team’s performance was disappointing, it was a season in which he could confirm that he had grown to another level by facing the long schedule of the major league.

Ha-seong Kim said in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, a leading local media outlet, “Personally, I think I played really well throughout the season. If you compare my numbers last year and this year, I played more, hit more, and played a lot more games. He expressed satisfaction, saying, “So, although it’s still difficult, I feel like I did really well this year.” It would be perfect if the wonderful title of Gold Gloves awaits at the end of that satisfying season.

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