Kim Ki-hyun, Jaurim, and Kim Yoon-ah, “Concept celebrity? Conceptual celebrity without concept”… A direct hit on the statement ‘Criticism of discharge of polluted water’

Kim Ki-hyeon, leader of the People Power Party먹튀검증, said, “It must no longer be repeated that a small number of privileged forces who monopolize cultural interests in a dark and closed underground economy collude with specific political and social forces and use the cultural and artistic world as a vanguard for propaganda.” It was revealed.

Representative Kim attended the symposium commemorating the founding of the Cultural Freedom Action Association today (12th) and said, “Recently, a band member said that after discharging Fukushima contaminated treated water, ‘It reminded me of hell,’ so they call me a ‘concept celebrity.’ “Isn’t this too much?”

This is a remark aimed at a recent post by Yuna Kim, a member of the band Jaurim, who wrote on her SNS that she was ‘thinking about hell’ regarding the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

“Should sister Noh Sa-yeon be ostracized for visiting President Yoon Seok-yeol’s father’s funeral, or should novelist Kim Hoon be verbally abused and called ‘senile’ for writing a piece criticizing his country?” he said. “We can no longer face such disadvantages, bullying, and stigmatization.” “We need to create a culture that doesn’t do that,” he added.

Cultural Freedom Action is a conservative cultural and artistic organization founded on the common recognition that ‘the ideology and standards of certain groups are hindering the development of society and the nation.’

At today’s event, many ruling party figures, including former lawmaker Na Kyung-won and Presidential Office Senior Civil Society Secretary Kang Seung-gyu, attended the event along with Representative Kim.

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