Kim Si-won, who won 5 wins on the KLPGA Tour, joins the Angang Construction golf team

The Angang Construction golf team announced on the 11th that they had recruited Siwon Kim (28), who has won 5 wins on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf 먹튀검증Tour. Known to golf fans as ‘Kim Min-seon 5’, Kim Si-won changed his name last year and is active under his current name.

Kim Si-won’s strength is the long hit that comes out of his height of 176 cm. Based on this, it swept 5 wins by 2020. However, last year, he took a sick leave due to an injury and took a season off. He is aiming for a comeback again this year.

Angang Construction recruited Park Bo-gyeom (25) along with Kim Si-won. Park Bo-gyeom debuted in the 2021 season. He is a long hitter who ranked 5th in driving distance last year.

With this recruitment, Angang Construction completed the composition of the 2023 season team. A total of seven players, including Lim Jin-hee (26), will wear Angang Construction hats and run the new season.

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