Kneel down in front of the police… “Please look at me just once” loud wailing

In the future, a plan is being promoted to confiscate the car at all if there is a fatal accident due to drunk driving or habitual drunk driving먹튀검증

While paying attention to how much these measures will contribute to rooting out drunk driving, a ridiculous scene was captured.

<Oh! Click> The third search term is ‘a drunk driver who wept on his knees when he was caught’.

A man is kneeling on the sidewalk and police are standing around him holding a light stick.

A man caught in a drunk driving crackdown at night was caught appealing to the police for leniency.

A citizen who witnessed the scene explained that the drunk driver cried and begged to see it just once, saying that he was a livelihood driver.

In response, the police said that they were in a situation where they persuaded them, saying, ‘We don’t have authority, so call a substitute driver and go home.’

With the release of COVID-19 quarantine regulations, there is an analysis that drunk driving has surged again, and it is known that the number of drunk driving cases last year was more than 130,000, similar to that in 2019, before Corona 19 occurred.

Netizens responded, “Who told you to drink and drive?”, “If you are a livelihood type, you shouldn’t drink and drive more”, “I can’t see you crying even though you’re not a child, drunk driving is a preliminary murder”.

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