Korail caught in Uiwang… “Thousands of billions of deficits for three more years”

Not long ago, Korea Economic Daily TV reported that the Uiwang ICD , the core base for domestic railway logistics, is being operated poorly.

As a result of follow-up coverage, it was revealed that KORAIL, which owns the Uiwang ICD site, signed a so-called ‘blink’ contract extension with an existing logistics company안전놀이터.

Activation of railway logistics has become distant, and logistics deficits worth hundreds of billions of won are expected to continue.

This is reporter Jeon Hyo-seong’s exclusive report.

In 1993, the Uiwang ICD inland container base was built by the National Railroad Administration to promote rail logistics.

At the time of opening, the Korea Railroad and major logistics companies signed a 30-year occupancy contract, which expires on the 30th.

KORAIL, which was converted by the National Railroad Administration, needs to submit a bidding notice looking for the next tenant, but it is nowhere to be found even though the contract expires two days ago.

As a result of the coverage, it was confirmed that KORAIL signed a three-year extension contract with the existing tenant companies. It is a so-called ‘blink’ contract extension.

The problem is that existing resident companies have used Korail land at a low price for 30 years, but neglected railroad logistics.

In fact, the railway logistics performance delivered by Uiwang ICD has been steadily declining since 2008.

Since Uiwang ICD , the largest rail freight depot in Korea, was operated in this way, it was difficult to achieve the railroad logistics target set by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs several times.

Nevertheless, we looked at the reason why KORAIL extended the contract with the existing logistics company.

It is known that the logistics companies of Uiwang ICD made a problem with KORAIL ahead of the expiry of the 30-year contract, ‘the fact that facilities were not properly established in the initial stage of occupancy’.

The contract expires at the end of June, but he insisted that an additional contract extension be necessary.

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