Korea University rugby coach, suspicion of sexual entertainment for referee…”Please take good care of the regular game”

The police have launched an investigation after suspicions were raised that the coach of a rugby team at a famous private university in Seoul asked a referee to entertain at an entertainment establishment and watch the game.

YTN secured a recording that specifically included the situation of sexual entertainment between the coach and referee at the time.

The director and others are denying the allegation, saying it is not true.

This is reporter Kim Da-hyun’s exclusive report.

The 100th anniversary of Korea University’s rugby team is approaching.

It has the longest history among university rugby clubs, and is famous for having produced several national teams.

However, suspicions arose that two years ago, the university’s rugby coach, Mr. A, entertained a referee, who was a junior in the rugby world, at an entertainment establishment to ask him to watch the game.

It is said that there was not only the first drinking reception먹튀검증, but also the so-called second sexual entertainment against the referee.

During the interview process, YTN obtained a recording of a call containing specific circumstances of the entertainment at the time.

It contains an admission that the referee received sexual entertainment and that the director paid for it.

“You went, honestly. But I drank something and did that castle and that too.”

“I paid for it. But I told you I entertained you. But some crazy bitch is going to tell me I entertained you.”

There is also a part where a senior coach orders the destruction of evidence to a junior referee who is worried that the facts of sexual entertainment will be known to the outside world.

“Don’t worry, hyung takes care of you. Don’t worry. And when I call him, I always erase the call log.”

In another recording, there is mention of drinking before an important game held every year, and there is also a situation where the reception is not over in one turn.

That’s what I asked you to look at before the regular match last year before the regular match, right? (That’s right.)

Didn’t you say you ate a total of 4 times? (I forgot how many times.) When

YTN reporters asked about the allegation of sexual favors, the director denied that it was true at all.

It is said that someone made it up to discredit him, and that it is groundless.

“Because they keep doing unfair things to me, but I don’t do it.

The referee also denied the allegations, saying that someone had instructed him to act as if he had been entertained in order to bring down the manager.

In addition, he insisted that the request to view the game in an advantageous way was a joke between a friendly referee and coach.

Parents are concerned that if the suspicion is true, it will be a big problem, as the game performance is a sensitive issue that can affect the player’s career.

It is pointed out that the conversation about sexual entertainment between the coach and the referee is inappropriate.

[Jung Yong-cheol / Sogang University Graduate School of Education: The fact that such a conversation took place between the referee and the coach before the game itself is a very problematic issue, regardless of the authenticity.] In the end, parents recently reported the director and referee to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

, The ACRC turned the case over to the police.

Police recently summoned them as suspects for violating the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act, and are checking the suspicion of sexual entertainment and whether the game is affected.

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