‘Korean baseball is the same as Chinese football’ → ‘I don’t have any skills, but the salary is high’

 Fans are angry after Korea lost 4-13 to Japan. Even the fans can’t stand the defeat.

Naver is asking fans what the cause of this crushing defeat was. He threw a question to baseball fans, ‘Korean baseball Tokyo catastrophe, our national team, what should we fix first?’ As of 11 p.m. on the night of the 11th, 51,000 people responded.

Fans first cited the improved control of young pitchers as the problem with the Korean national team. As of 11 p.m. on the 11th, about 71% of respondents pointed out this. It is judged that he criticized the pitchers who gave up too many walks.

Second, ‘nurturing players with various characters who can use various tactics’ followed with about 15%, followed by ‘no clear gun after Byeong-ho Park’ with 4%. 10% of respondents answered “Other”.

Most of the fans pointed out the mental state of the players. ‘Baseball without desperation. I wonder if this one word would be enough’ or ‘Hair your head first and come out neatly.

Also, there was a fan who pointed out, ‘The players are full and their skills are at a low level, but they are playing star games, so they are bound to be frogs in the well on the international stage.’

‘In the first place, I have no guts or professionalism’ or ‘There were times when I lost in the past, but at that time I was not as depressed as I am now when I saw the players doing their best. He also pointed out that these days, players seem to have forgotten their hunger after achieving good grades and receiving salaries of several billion won.

In addition, ‘the players do not have the will to do it. Athletes should not be hungry. There was a fan who criticized, saying, “The ransom is only inflated…”스포츠토토

There were also many fans who pointed out the level of professional baseball in Korea. ‘Let’s not make excuses like this. In particular, domestic pitchers are not good enough and just can’t do it. It’s just shocking that these pitchers are playing in a professional league.”

There was also a fan who left the most painful comments. ‘It’s like watching Chinese football… I don’t have any skills, but I only get a high salary in my country’s league. Outside, it was criticized as ‘North in the neighborhood’.

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