KPGA Genesis Point ‘Top 3’, DP World Tour direct

The door for Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour players to enter the DP World Tour has been further expanded.

The Korea Professional Golf Association (Chairman Ja-cheol Koo, hereinafter KPGA) and the DP World Tour signed a strategic business agreement on the 30th of last month at Jack Nicklaus GC Korea in Songdo, Incheon.

The main contents of the agreement include holding tournaments jointly hosted by both sides and expanding opportunities for KPGA Korean Tour players to advance to the DP World Tour.

As a result, the number of direct DP World Tour cards increased from one to three. And the two sides decided to hold a jointly hosted competition in Korea once a year until 2025.

KPGA and DP World Tour co-hosted the Korea Championship with a total prize money of $2 million sponsored by Genesis at Jack Nicklaus GC Korea for four days from the 27th to the 30th of last month.

Starting this season, the top player in Genesis points will be given the No. 16 seed in the DP World Tour seed category (one year), and the top two players in Genesis points, excluding the No. 1 in Genesis points, will be given the No. 17 seed in the DP World Tour seed category (one year). Agreed.

In addition, it was decided to give the players with the highest Genesis points the right to go directly to the final round and the second round of the DP World Tour Q School. This year, a total of 4 players benefited from the privilege (1 final match, 3 second match), but from next year, it was decided to expand to a total of 9 players (3 final match, 6 second match).

KPGA Chairman Koo Ja-cheol said, “I am delighted that through this agreement, we are able to hold jointly hosted tournaments in Korea and expand the path for KPGA Korean Tour players to advance to a bigger stage.” This will be an important step. KPGA will continue to make efforts to strengthen its global competitiveness in the future.”

DP World Tour Chief Business Officer (CBO) Ben Cowen said, “We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with KPGA through the ‘KOREA CHAMPIONSHIP PRESENTED BY GENESIS’ held for the first time this year.” Although they are seeded, due to this agreement, more Korean players will be able to participate in the DP World Tour from next season. We are also looking forward to co-sponsoring the tournament with KPGA by 2025.”ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Meanwhile, with this agreement, the doors for players belonging to the KPGA Korean Tour to enter the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour have also been widened. This is because the number of high-ranking players on the DP World Tour to advance to the PGA Tour has greatly expanded.

At the PGA Tour Seminar held at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul on the 2nd, PGA Tour Asia Pacific CEO Lee Seung-ho said, “Starting this year, the PGA Tour and DP World Tour have been reestablished in their status as partners rather than competitors.” “We have greatly improved the pathway to advance to the PGA Tour, such as increasing the number of PGA Tour seeds from three to ten.”

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