KT Wiz, KT Alpha Shopping and KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation practiced donation agreements for the 7th year

 KT Wiz held a youth baseball team invitation event together with KT Alpha Shopping at the home game against Samsung Lions held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 18th.메이저사이트

On this day, KT invited a total of 80 people, including 24 youth baseball players and their families, along with KT Alpha Shopping and the KT Group Hope Sharing Foundation.

Park Jin-gun (Salad Ball Baseball Team) and Lee Yoo-chan (Best One Baseball Team), who are representative players of each baseball team, took charge of throwing the pitch and putting out a prayer for victory.

In this agreement, which marks its 7th year this year, KT pitchers Koh Young-pyo and Kim Jae-yoon will accumulate 300,000 won per win and 1 save, respectively. It is used to sponsor the Salad Bowl baseball team to which they belong.토토사이트주소

Meanwhile, KT is continuing various social contribution activities such as KT Alpha shopping this season and Wiz Park invitation events in connection with local children’s centers.

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