La Liga, also famous in South America, the dignity of second place in dribble breakthrough → had to block it with a foul

 Lee Kang-in of the national soccer team showed off his skills against South American Peru.

Lee Kang-in started as a right midfielder and led the team’s attack in the evaluation match against Peru held at Asiad Main Stadium in Busan on the 16th. South Korea, where Son Heung-min, who underwent sports hernia surgery, was absent, suffered a goalless 0-1 defeat against Peru, but Lee Kang-in showed a menacing appearance against the Peruvian defense.

Lee Kang-in proved his competitiveness by making a big success with 6 goals and 6 assists in the Primera Liga in the 2022-23 season. In particular, he succeeded in breaking through 90 dribbles, ranking second in the league in the number of dribble breakthroughs following Vinicius of Real Madrid.

Lee Kang-in also showed a high level of pressure off against Peru. He tried to break through with stable ball keeping power even when he was surrounded by 2-3 opposing defenders near the touch line. In the game against Peru, Lee Kang-in received intensive checks from the opposing defense from the beginning of the game. In the 7th minute of the first half, while breaking through the dribble, Lee Kang-in fell due to an opponent’s rough tackle and received a foul. Lee Kang-in, who had induced fouls several times in the match, attacked the Peruvian defense with a dribble breakthrough even in the first half of the overtime, and took a free kick after falling over the opponent’s foul. Lee Kang-in constantly threatened his opponent’s defense by shooting directly from the free kick situation he obtained. The Peruvian defense had to foul Lee Kang-in’s breakthrough. Peru has shown a stable defense, recording no goals in 4 out of 5 recent A matches, such as finishing the match against Morocco, a quarterfinal team in the Qatar World Cup last March, without conceding a goal.토토사이트

Lee Kang-in also showed his unchanging cross ability in the game against Peru, creating several situations in front of the door. In the 27th minute of the second half, Hwang Hee-chan’s cross was finished with a threatening header shot in front of the goal. In the soccer team where Son Heung-min did not play, the player who threatened the opponent’s defense the most was Lee Kang-in.

After the match against Peru, coach Klinsman said, “Lee Kang-in has become a famous player in South America even without us talking about it. Myeong played cooperative defense. It’s fun to watch Lee Kang-in’s game.”

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