Lee Joo-ho “There will be no disciplinary action against teachers who participate in the ‘Seoicho teacher’ memorial”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Lee Joo-ho announced on the 4th that he would not discipline teachers who participated in the 49th memorial vigil for Seoi Elementary School teachers due to annual leave, sick leave, or discretionary leave.

The Ministry of Education sent a text message메이저사이트 to reporters late in the afternoon regarding Deputy Prime Minister Lee’s remarks at the plenary session of the National Assembly Budget and Accounts Special Committee, saying, “We will not consider disciplinary action against teachers who participated in the memorial. There will be no disciplinary action against teachers who participated in the memorial.” “It is,” he said.

He then emphasized, “The Yoon Seok-yeol government will definitely take care of religious authority.”

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Lee said at the Budget and Accounts Committee that day, “In order to quickly stabilize the school environment, we will also consider providing as much leniency as possible to the teachers who participated in today’s memorial service.”

A significant number of teachers across the country went on a ‘diversionary strike’ through annual leave, sick leave, and discretionary leave on this day to commemorate the 49th anniversary of teacher A’s death due to extreme choices in Seoi Elementary School, Seoul.

The Ministry of Education defined this movement as an ‘illegal act’ and stated that it would take legal action through service inspection if a person participates in a rally after taking annual leave or sick leave.

It was said that school principals who decide to take discretionary leave of absence can be subject to disciplinary action, such as dismissal or dismissal, as well as criminal charges for abuse of power under the Criminal Act.

However, at the Budget and Accounts Committee that day, Deputy Prime Minister Lee said, “This meeting was held legally.” He added, “There are many illegal aspects to holding today’s memorial service at 10 a.m., so we warned about that, but holding it at 4:30 p.m. like today was legal.” He said.

Deputy Prime Minister Lee also emphasized, “I am grateful to the teachers for commemorating the deceased with one mind and one voice while keeping order and abiding by the law, and speaking out for the restoration of public education and the restoration of teaching rights. The Ministry of Education is also of one mind and one mind.”

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