Lee Jung-hoo, a predator who destroys the annual salary ecosystem, finally surpassed 1 billion

‘Grandson of the wind’ Lee Jeong-hoo (25) is a predator that disturbs (?) the annual salary ecosystem. As much as he is, he is a player who is good at changing the number of annual salary.

If you follow the trajectory of his salary, you can see how great records Lee Jung-hoo has set.

He is Lee Jung-hoo, who has not missed the top spot in annual salary since his rookie days. He even surpassed the record set by his seniors two years earlier. Lee Jung-hoo’s unstoppable salary march surprises viewers.

Lee Jung-hoo, who had the best season, recorded an all-time salary this time too. He received 1.1 billion won and, as expected, rewrote the all-time salary record.

Kiwoom said, “Lee Jeong-hoo signed an annual salary contract of 1.1 billion won, an increase of 350 million won (46.7%) from last year’s 750 million won. It is the first time in the KBO league to record an annual salary of more than 1 billion won with a single-year contract, excluding special cases such as free agency, multi-year contracts, and returning to overseas players.”

This is Lee Jung-hoo, who already wrote the annual salary record in advance last year.

Lee Jung-hoo, who received an annual 온라인카지노 salary of 750 million won last year, tied the record for non-FA 9th year salary (Jang Won-sam, 750 million won).

With his 7th year salary, he surpassed his 9th year record. This is the part where you can see how unstoppable Lee Jung-hoo marched.

It goes without saying, but it far surpassed the record of 550 million won in the 7th year, which was held by team senior Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), who advanced to the major leagues with 1.1 billion won.

Lee Jung-hoo started his professional baseball career with a minimum annual salary of 27 million won. Even his contract payment of 200 million won was not a huge amount. It can be seen that the expectations for Lee Jung-hoo were not high.

However, Lee Jung-hoo has set a new annual salary record every year by showing off his skills immediately after entering the professional league.

230 million won (3rd year), 390 million won (4th year), 550 million won (5th year), 750 million won (6 years) year), and 1.1 billion won (7th year), all of which set new records in annual salary records. Some records were even ahead by more than two years, as noted above.

Lee Jung-hoo is now in his final season in Korean professional baseball. It is expected that he will advance to the major leagues next year.

Lee Jung-hoo is expected to receive good treatment in the major leagues as well. It is Lee Jung-hoo, who even became the captain of Kiwoom’s new season on the 20th. At the young age of 25, he got his share of leading the team’s squad. It can be seen that his leadership has a great influence beyond his age.

A major league scout said, “We are closely watching that Lee Jung-hoo has become Kiwoom’s captain. The fact that he was entrusted with the position of leading the team even though he is still young means that the team believes in Lee Jung-hoo that much. Lee Jung-hoo is a player who can become a dug-out leader in the major leagues. Bondi said he could easily break down the language barrier. He is a player who can receive high marks in many fields.”

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