Military Manpower Administration’s absurd mistake, 4 supplementary soldiers are on active duty… ‘Indignation’ at the back book apology

Military Manpower Administration, missing body mass index measurement in public health… A ridiculous mistake

4 people were judged for active duty in the past 7 years…

An embarrassing incident occurred in which a highly obese person who should have been classified as a social worker after being judged as a supplementary worker for the clarification of “preparation of complementary measures” was enlisted as an active duty soldier due to a ridiculous mistake by a public health doctor .

According to the Military Manpower Administration on the 9th, a rare embarrassing situation occurred at the Army Recruit Training Center in May. At first glance, it is a recruit who is highly obese and does not have a suitable military uniform. After looking at the actual body type, the Army Recruit Training Center also looked at the height and weight data, and questioned whether he was an active duty soldier.

The Military Manpower Administration is not in active service, but in the case of a 4th grade supplementary service, but it is a case of mistakenly sent to the recruit training center. Afterwards, the Military Manpower Administration sent a person in charge to the recruit training center to escort the erroneously enlisted personnel home.

As a result of the Military Manpower Administration’s먹튀검증 investigation into the circumstances, it was revealed that the public health doctor who judged the body grade had misjudged him as an active duty soldier by a ridiculous mistake of only checking the disease documents and not checking the basic body mass index.

As a result of the Military Manpower Administration’s own expansion investigation in the wake of this accident, from 2016 to last April, four people were incorrectly judged as active duty soldiers because their body mass index was not checked.

According to the Military Manpower Administration, two of them were reclassified even belatedly. One was already discharged as a sergeant and the other was discharged. The number of people who served as active duty soldiers for 7 years was 4 because their body mass index was not checked, and the possibility of other judgment errors cannot be ruled out.

The Military Manpower Administration deeply apologized to the parties involved and their families, and said they were looking into whether there were any other errors. Lim Jae-ha, director of the Military Service Resources Bureau at the Military Manpower Administration, explained, “We have prepared complementary measures, such as preventing further judgment by displaying a warning message when height weight is not confirmed.”

The Military Manpower Administration is discussing disciplinary action for two out of four officials who made a judgment mistake. It is known that the remaining two have already been discharged and the disciplinary action is not sufficient.

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