ML new variable ‘pitch clock’… “batter is chased”, “no problem”

 How do players react to the ‘pitch clock’ regulation introduced by the US Major League Baseball?

Major League Baseball implements a new rule starting this season to shorten the ‘boring game time’ that has been pointed out as a problem. After the pitcher is handed the ball to the catcher or umpire, the pitcher is asked to throw the ball against the batter within 15 seconds when there is no runner and within 20 seconds when there is a runner. If this is violated, one ball is automatically declared.

Conversely, the batter must be ready to hit in the batter’s box before 8 seconds remain on the pitch clock. Since the pitch clock starts at 15 seconds when there are no runners and 20 seconds when there are runners, the batting preparation time given to the batter is 7 seconds when there are no runners and 12 seconds when there are runners.

Regarding this, Pittsburgh first baseman Choi Ji-man (32) said in an interview with Star News, “In the past, I had plenty of time to prepare for hitting at bat, but after the introduction of the pitch clock, I feel chased.” It seems like a rule that is unfavorable to hitters. You have to adapt well during spring camp so that you won’t suffer damage during the regular season.”

What do pitchers think? Texas Korean pitcher Dane Dunning (29) said after pitching an exhibition game against Kansas City at Surprise Texas Spring Camp Stadium in Arizona on the 16th (Korean time), “At first, the pitch clock rules were unfamiliar and I was worried about whether I would be able to adapt well. So I took my pitching rhythm a little faster than usual,” he said.

On the other hand, in the KBO League, if a pitcher does not pitch within 12 seconds when there is no runner, the referee will issue a warning for the first time and a fine of 200,000 won from the second time, and judge it as a ball (League regulation ‘Speed-up of game’ 4. Pitcher ③ Paragraph 3) ).

Dunning pitched the best pitching of all spring camps in this game, in which he started. In five innings he pitched, he pitched a scoreless pitching with only one hit and six strikeouts. He also allowed only one walk.

He was satisfied saying, “Among the pitches I threw today, the slider was really good,” and then he said, “The sinker and changeup were good, but I think I need to refine the curve more in the future.”

Born to a Korean mother and an American father, Dunning stood out as a starter and bullpen at Florida State University, a prestigious college baseball field, before entering the pros after being nominated by Washington in the first round (29th overall) of the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft. After being traded to the Chicago White Sox, he made his major league debut in August 2020.

Dunning, who was traded once more to Texas, his current team in December of that year, appeared in 63 major league games (61 starts) over the past three years, recording 11-18 with a 4.43 ERA.

Dunning said in an interview with Star News last year,스포츠토토 “If given the opportunity, I would like to play for the Korean national team in the WBC (World Baseball Classic). If that happens, I think my mother will be very happy.” However, his team did not allow him to play because of his right hip surgery that he received last September.

Dunning started an exhibition game against Cleveland on the 21st and allowed 10 hits and 5 runs in 6 innings without a win or loss. He pitched 19⅓ innings in 5 games (4 starts) in this spring camp and is 1-1 with an earned run average of 5.12.

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