‘Now Hana One Q No. 13’ Kim Jong-un, “I want to play in all games and focus on the team”

Kim Jong-un welcomes the new season 먹튀검증wearing a mint-colored uniform. 

On the 14th, Bucheon HanawonQ played a practice game against Busan BNK Some at Cheongna Gymnasium. 

Kim Jong-un did not participate in the practice game, but watched the players from the bench. 

Kim Jong-un said, “It’s been about 5 days since I worked out with the team. I don’t think my physical condition is bad right now. I think it’s about 60%. Rather than one part hurting, there are so many bad parts overall, so I’m reinforcing it overall.” talked

Kim Jong-un, who acquired free agency ahead of this season, moved to Hana 1Q, his former team. 

Kim Jong-un said, “Since there are many young players, I want to become a player who holds the center of the team. We are still understanding each other. I think we will gradually understand each other while playing basketball. We are focusing on that part,” he said. 

Regarding this season’s goal, he said, “First of all, the team’s goal is to build a double-digit multiplier. Personally, I want to be a plus to the team by participating in the entire game. I want to repay the team by doing that.”

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