‘Only 4’ in the world… A ‘white puma’ born in Nicaragua

A puma with white fur was born at a zoo in Nicaragua먹튀검증, Central America. There are only four white pumas in the world, including the one born in Nicaragua.

Reuters reported on the 23rd (local time) that a puma with white fur was recently born at the Thomas Belt Zoo in Juigalpa, Nicaragua, Central America.

In the photo, a white puma 1 month old has white fur all over its body except for its pink nose.

Unlike the baby cougar, the mother cougar is covered with brown fur all over except for the chest and belly. The two pumas born with a white puma also have black spots on their brown fur like their mother.

The white puma is an ‘albino cougar’ due to a genetic mutation. Albino is characterized by a congenital lack of melanin pigment, so the whole body is white, and the eyes are also red with blood vessels.

“The white puma is healthy and well fed, but (yet) needs the care of the mother and is vulnerable to sunlight,” said veterinarian Carlos Molina of Thomas Belt Zoo.

Zoo officials are restricting people’s access so that the mother cougar doesn’t get stressed out or confuse the smell of humans with her pups so they don’t attack her pups.

Their sex is not yet known as veterinarians have not yet been able to come into contact with the puma cubs.

The zoo plans to open the baby pumas to the public when they are three months old.

Meanwhile, cougars are found throughout the Americas, from the Andean highlands of southern Peru to the jungles of Central America.

Among them, white pumas are very rare. It is known that there are only four white pumas in the world, including the baby puma that was born this time.

In particular, this is the first time that a white puma has been born in Nicaragua.

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