Only Arsenal laughs… Man City, the plate to meet Liverpool in ‘Steamed Buns without Red Beans’ mode

 It is Manchester City (Man City) that has to restart the competition for the lead in the English Premier League (EPL). However, it is expected that the return of ‘attack ace’ Elling Hollan (23) from injury will be delayed. 

British media such as ‘The Sun’ and ‘Daily Star’ reported on the 31st (Korean time), “Hollan, who was excluded from the list of Norway for the A match in March due to a groin injury, could not participate in the Manchester City team training.” 

Manchester City face Liverpool in the Premier League on April 1st. 

As of the 31st, Man City (61 points), second in the league, is chasing Arsenal (69 points). We desperately need 3 points. 

However, there were a number of cases in which Man City could not use Halan in the match against Liverpool, which would be an important match for the competition for the lead.

Haalan scored a hat-trick in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup against Burnley on the 19th, leading the team to a 6-0 victory, but was called up to the Norwegian national team and suffered a minor groin injury. In the end, he could not digest the Norwegian game and returned to Manchester City immediately. 

He is said to have suffered minor injuries, but he is still in training.

According to ‘The Sun’,토토사이트 Hollan found a medical center in Barcelona he trusted, and he is receiving treatment with rest. His separate light indoor training was digested. The media reported, “Hallan’s father, Alf-Inge Hollan, said, ‘

His son’s appearance against Liverpool depends on how he responds to treatment in the remaining days’.” 

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