Paul George-Green Lee Gu-dong-seong “If Harden HOU comes, growth may be hindered”

 “Harden’s transfer can have a positive effect on growth, but it can also have a negative effect at the same time.”  interview was published.

It was an interesting encounter. George is a veteran wing resource from the 2010 draft. He is a proven karate and defense resource, having been selected as an All-Star eight times. On the other hand, Green is a promising guard born in 2002. He is from the 2nd pick in the 2021 draft and is a promising resource who is still adapting to the NBA stage.

The two players continued their conversation for a long time. The most interesting was the conversation between the two players about the James Harden (Philadelphia) rumor. Veteran George and prospect Green both drew attention by simultaneously agreeing that Harden’s transfer could act as a hindrance to Green’s growth.

George said, “There are rumors that James Harden is moving to Houston, where you are playing. You are the king of Houston at this point. You have to go through double team and triple team. In this situation, if Harden comes, you can learn from him and grow, but if Harden has a long ball possession time, it can definitely hinder your growth.”

Then Green said, “I totally agree. growth or stunted growth. You can go in two directions. It can help or at the same time hinder growth. What you said is perfectly right.”

Harden, of Philadelphia, is a veteran scoring guard with a very long possession. He has been focusing on assists since this season. There is no change in the fact that the holding time of the ball is long as in the past and now.토토사이트

In this situation, if Harden transfers to Green’s Houston, Green will no longer be able to play an active role as the main ball handler. Green averaged 22.1 points and 3.7 assists last season, upping his scoring average by five points from his first season. This is because he is guaranteed a long possession time. If Harden comes, it is difficult for him to expect such an environment.

“I haven’t talked at length about the Harden and Houston rumors yet,” Green said.

Will Harden move to Houston? His transfer is highly likely to have a major impact on the growth of prospect Green.

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