Portland Wants Reinforcement, Interested in Ayton Trade

The Portland Trail Blazers are looking to reinforce their power from multiple angles.

Reporter Jake Fisher of 『Yahoo Sports』 reported that Portland was interested in trading Deandre Ayton (center, 213cm, 113kg) from the Phoenix Suns.

Portland is looking to step up its power this summer. Portland’s Damien Lillard is also trying to sell (?) for outside recruiting. Not only that, he indirectly hinted that he might be traded in the absence of reinforcements.

First of all, Portland is a simsan that will add another power while signing a new contract with Jeremy Grant. However, Lillard’s remaining contract is not easy. At least, it was before the extension contract (two years, $122 million) signed last summer was applied. He is worth about $45.64 million for the upcoming 2023-2024 season and about $48.8 million for the 2024-2025 season.

When Grant’s contract is added to the highest treatment level, it is questionable how flexible Portland will be in external recruitment. In addition, Yusup Nurkic’s contract still remains, and Nasir Little’s contract extension will be applied from next season. Adding Anfernie Simons, the total salary for next season is about $113 million.

If Portland offers Simons the 2023 draft first round, third pick, it’s worth a trade. However, if Ayton is brought in through the medium of that condition, Nurkitch must be handed over to another club. Realistically, multilateral trade is likely. Or, after a bilateral trade, Portland could trade Nurkitch and Phoenix trade Simons elsewhere.

But with more than one threshold to cross, it remains to be seen if Portland’s interest is still alive and they can seriously try a trade. If Portland embraces Ayton, it will have a solid composition in addition to re-signing Grant. In addition, if Nurkitch is sent to another team and transfused with other powers, it is worth strengthening the player base.메이저놀이터

The Bahamian native appeared in 67 games last season. He recorded 18 points (.589 .292 .760), 10 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 30.4 minutes per game. He has consistently averaged double-digit rebounds since advancing to the NBA, and this time he was responsible for the most average points scored since the last 2019-2020 season. However, with Kevin Durant’s addition during the season, the frequency of catching the ball has decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, Phoenix re-signed with Ayton last summer. He failed to sign an extended contract ahead of the expiry of his rookie contract. Last summer the Indiana Pacers tried to get Ayton. Indiana offered a four-year, $133 million contract, which Ayton signed. However, as Phoenix agreed, Ayton’s transfer failed.

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