Pour 50mm per hour at night… 100mm more until tomorrow in the metropolitan area

Hwang Deok-hyeon, reporter specializing in climate and environment = The congestion front, which rained up to 200 mm from the 25th, is showing a temporary lull in most areas on the afternoon of the 26th. But it’s too early to be relieved.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that from the late afternoon of this day until noon on Tuesday, the 27th, heavy rain of up to 50 mm per hour in the metropolitan area and up to 60 mm in Jeju would fall across the country. In an area that has seen a lull in rain, a lot of rain can fall at once in an instant.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the amount of precipitation per hour as of 4:00 p.m. on this day is 0 to 5 mm, except for some areas such as 25 mm in Gongju, North Chungcheong Province, 24.3 mm in Yeongju, and 23.5 mm in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. Only raindrops fall or thin raindrops come and then stop repeatedly.

The rain that has subsided is what the congestion front is doing’breathing’, and the Korea Meteorological Administration announced that there will be areas with very strong rain accompanied by gusts of wind, thunder and lightning from the late afternoon of the day.

Heavy rain of 30 to 50 mm per hour will fall throughout the country until the daytime on the 27th, including the metropolitan area, the inland and mountainous regions of Gangwon, the Chungcheong region, and the interior of northern Gyeongbuk.

In Jeju, strong rain of 40 to 60 mm per hour can pour until the morning of the 27th, Tuesday.

The hourly precipitation of this monsoon rain was the먹튀검증 highest at 11:51 am on the 25th in Seogwipo, Jeju, where the National Typhoon Center is located, as of 5:00 pm on the same day, and it poured 47.5 mm per hour and accumulated 93 mm over 3 hours. The Korea Meteorological Administration is approaching the disaster text standard that is being piloted in the metropolitan area from this summer.

The Korea Meteorological Administration is operating a system that immediately sends a text message directly to residents in the area when the precipitation in one hour is 50 mm or more and the precipitation in 3 hours is 90 mm or more since this summer.

Precipitation expected from the late afternoon of the 26th to the 27th is 50 to 150 mm in Jeju (more than 200 mm in many places) and 30 to 100 mm or more in the metropolitan area, inland and mountainous regions of Gangwon, Chungcheong region, southern regions, and Ulleungdo and Dokdo (eastern Gyeonggi and Gangwon) It is 120 mm or more in inland and mountainous areas, northern Chungbuk, Jeolla region, northern Gyeongbuk inland, and western Gyeongsangnam-do), and 10 to 50 mm in the east coast of Gangwon and the 5 west seas.

This rain will show a lull from the afternoon of the 27th, and will fall again across the country on the 28th. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted through its mid-term forecast that rain would continue to fall and then stop throughout the country until the end of the month, the 30th.

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