Prison sentence for a master in his 30s who pinched his caddy ball and touched his shoulder and thigh during a dinner party

According to the legal community on the 11th, Chief Judge Kim Do-hyeong of the Wonju Branch of the Chuncheon District Court sentenced A (32먹튀검증), who was charged with indecent assault, to 6 months in prison and 1 year probation.

He also ordered 40 hours of sexual assault treatment classes.

Caddy master A touched the shoulder of caddy D (24, female) with his hand and stroked his thigh several times during a dinner at a restaurant in Wonju on February 14 last year at 8:30 pm, while tapping his stomach and pinching his cheek. charged with forcible assault.

Mr. A, who manages the game coordinator at a golf course in the province, was drunk during the trial process and did not remember, and it was an exaggerated accusation in light of the fact that he filed a complaint four months later. .

In response, Chief Judge Kim judged, “Considering that the defendant was so drunk that he could not even remember hitting another male employee at a drinking party, there is a possibility that he may not remember even if he did the same act as the prosecution.”

“As the victim’s court statements are specific and consistent and do not contradict each other, all charges are recognized as guilty,” he said. “he said.

The case, which the prosecutor appealed against the first trial judgment, is in the second trial at the Chuncheon District Court.

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