Prosecution of all ministries, President Yoon’s ‘all-round rule’

The situation in which the Yoon Seok-yeol government mobilizes the prosecution, the Board of Audit and Inspection, the National Tax Service, and the National Intelligence Service as the vanguard of state affairs is becoming commonplace. The former government, the opposition party, labor unions, civic groups, private education circles, etc. are constantly stigmatized as immoral groups, and they are listed as targets for expulsion, continuing the ‘all-powerful rule’. In the end, President Yoon criticized the former government’s North Korea policy and even attacked the Moon Jae-in government as an “anti-state force.” Experts point out that if the situation of using the assessment agency as a key means of governance continues, it will deepen the vicious circle that leads to political disappearance by raising citizens’ political aversion and fatigue.

The pattern of ‘President Yoon’s instructions, the ruling party’s cover, and the enforcement agency’s execution’ pattern

‘President Yoon’s eradication and strict orders → Expansion and reproduction of people’s power → Investigation, investigation and audit by the prosecution, police, the Board of Audit and Inspection, the National Tax Service and the National Intelligence Service’.

This is the practice pattern of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration’s ‘all-powerful principle’ that has been standardized over the past year and two months. The Yoon Seok-yeol administration stigmatized organizations or individuals that took a critical stance against government policies or policies as targets of judicial action. Instead of persuading and talking to them, they immediately drove them into “rent-seeking forces” and “concession cartels,” and then used this as a driving force for policy promotion. Regarding education reform, after President Yoon’s “remarks on the exclusion of killer questions for the college entrance exam” last month, the presidential office and the passport simultaneously attacked large private education companies as “interested cartel groups,” and the National Tax Service immediately launched a tax investigation. ‘Hate’ and ‘stigma’ were used as fuel for ‘reform’.

President Yoon referred to the’interest cartel’ three times from the declaration of running for the presidential election in June 2021 and referred to it as the target of defeat. Even after taking office, President Yoon said that the government’s reforms could not proceed because of the ‘vested cartel’ rather than explaining to the public the specific promotion plan for the three major reforms of education, pension and labor. In particular, President Yoon compared labor unions to gangsters by referring to violent acts at construction sites in February as “gun violence.” In accordance with President Yoon’s policy, the police launched a special crackdown on illegal activities at construction sites, such as extortion and violence. On the 25th of last month, the police sent 1,484 people to the prosecution and announced the results of the crackdown, saying that 132 of them were arrested. However, in the process, the excessive issuance of warrants by the police was revealed. Police applied for arrest warrants for 47 KCTU construction union members from December to June of last year, but only 23, less than half, were actually issued. In other words, a word from the president caused the police to overreact.

At a cabinet meeting on December 27 last year, President Yoon said, “If there is an act of taking state subsidies for private gain, it is an act that cannot be tolerated.” said, targeting government subsidies from private organizations. In January, immediately after President Yoon’s instructions, the Office for Government Policy Coordination began auditing government subsidy projects by 29 ministries. Afterwards, the President’s Office directly announced the results of the audit on June 4, and said that it would file criminal charges or request investigations on organizations that were found to have cheated.

Shin Jin-wook, professor of sociology at Chung-Ang University, said on the 2nd, “Even if the Yoon Seok-yeol government reforms education, it is first to audit the Curriculum Evaluation Institute and the Ministry of Education and investigate private academies. Civil society reform also puts audit or investigation of civic groups at the forefront,” he said. “All kinds of reforms rely on the means of audit and investigation. ‘Legal oppression’ is becoming too common,” he said.

The omnipotent approach was also used to overturn foreign and security policies. The Yoon Seok-yeol administration carried out an extensive investigation into the “murder of West Sea civil servants” and the “North Korean fishermen’s repatriation to North Korea” that occurred during the Moon Jae-in administration last year, and put people in charge of foreign affairs and security in the Moon Jae-in government, including former NIS directors Suh Hoon and Park Ji-won, under the prosecution’s line of investigation. Recently, when the Ministry of Environment approved the environmental impact assessment for the USFK THAAD base in Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do토토사이트, the power of the people is that the Moon Jae-in government ‘deliberately delayed’ the audit and prosecution investigation . urged

“Prosecutor style rule… It means that no political solution has been found.”Analysts say that politics that depends on circumstances reflects the inertia of President Yoon, who has only been involved in the prosecution, in state administration. It is that President Yoon, who went directly from the prosecutor general to the country’s supreme ruler, shows a path-dependent appearance following his experience as a prosecutor.Kwan-Hoo Lee, a professor at Konkuk University’s Sangheo College of Education, said, “It is the prosecution of all ministries.” Professor Lee said, “If reform is necessary, it is believed that it is enough to send a prosecutor to conduct an investigation and audit to find the ‘bad guy’ and cut out the problem. Since it is President Yoon’s professional habit to mobilize the prosecution and treat them as if they were criminals, personnel, organization, and operation of all ministries are all subject to prosecution,” he said. Chae Jin-won, a professor at the Institute of Public Governance at Kyung Hee University, said, “The Yoon Seok-yeol regime is justifying itself by catching and punishing villains according to the retaliatory concept of justice.”There is also an analysis that President Yoon’s all-out rule is due to the lack of clear national tasks pursued by the government and the low possibility of achieving results through legislation in the ruling and opposition parties. It means that both ‘what to do’ and ‘what to do’ are more focused on uncovering the absurdities or irregularities of the opposition party, unions, and the private sector in ambiguous or unfavorable situations. On the 22nd of last month, Kim Jong-in, former chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee, said on <SBS> ( 

SBS) In a radio interview, “I don’t see any specific direction for what I will do in the future. (It is not well set up what to do for 5 years) is the biggest weakness of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration,” he said. Jeong Byeong-gi, a professor of political science and diplomacy at Yeungnam University, said, “(President Yoon) seems to be more like this because he has not been able to find a political solution.” It means that ‘all-round rule’ means that President Yoon has failed in politics.It is pointed out that this way of governing will harm both the people and the government. Professor Shin Jin-wook said, “They may have had in mind the gains of winning the general election by securing supporters in the short and long term and stigmatizing unions or civic groups.” I can make it fall into a loop,” he said. Eom Kyung-yeong, director of the Institute for Spirituality of the Times, said, “If the so-called ‘negative state administration’ is prolonged, the fatigue of the people will increase and it can be a factor limiting the rise in President Yoon’s approval rating.”

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