Public golf course green fees are still ‘expensive’… Only 2% cut compared to October last year

It was investigated that the green fee of public golf courses in Korea was only slightly lowered than last year.

According to the Leisure White Paper 2023 published by the Korea Leisure Industry Research Institute on the 18th, as of May this year, the average green fee of 231 public golf courses with 18 holes or more (excluding Jeju Island) is 176,400 won on weekdays and 221,400 won on weekends.

Compared to a year ago, weekdays rose 1.6%, and Saturdays were the same. Compared to October last year, it fell 1.8% on weekdays and 2.1% on Saturdays.

After the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), the metropolitan area, Gangwon, and Chungbuk, where green fees soared, showed a downward trend. On the other hand, local public golf courses with relatively low green fees rose. In particular, Jeonnam’s weekday green fee rose 7.5% (5.5% weekday) from a year ago, showing the highest rate of increase.

The average green fee in May this year for 197 places that are highly likely to be designated as large-type was 166,300 won on weekdays and 209,800 won on Saturdays, up 0.7% on weekdays and down 0.7% on Saturdays from a year ago.

The average green fee for May this year at 34 places that are likely to remain non-member golf courses was 235,400 won on weekdays and 288,400 won on Saturdays, up 5.7% on weekdays and 3.4% on Saturdays from a year ago.

Last year, the government changed the classification system of domestic golf courses from membership and public to membership, non-member, and public last year to prevent a surge in green fees. In order to be designated as a public type that receives tax benefits, the green fee must be lower than 188,000 won on weekdays and 247,000 won on weekends.

However, the government set the standard as non-member green fees for membership golf courses in the metropolitan area. As a result, there is a side effect of raising green fees at public golf courses in the provinces.스포츠토토

Also, it was pointed out as a problem to apply the upper limit green fee suggested by the government as ‘average’ rather than ‘best’. Even if you receive a high price at a specific time, it is designated as a public type if it does not exceed the upper limit of the average green fee.

Seo Chun-beom, director of the Leisure Industry Research Institute, pointed out that “because of the lax regulations, only public golf courses with high green fees were exempted.”

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