regular league championship confirmed’, Korea University showed difference with Konkuk University

Korea University showed concentration in the first game after winning the regular league.

On the 15th, Korea University defeated Konkuk University 91-64 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League regular league Namdaebu match held at Korea University Anam Campus Hwajeong Gymnasium. Having already confirmed the championship in the regular league, Korea University maintained a winning streak of 13 matches.

Even though Park Moo-bin (187cm, G), the core of the outskirts, was missing, various Korea University players showed quick attacks and scoring power. Why did you push Konkuk University from the start? After 2 minutes and 4 seconds of the game, they took an 8-0 lead and induced Konkuk University’s first timeout.

Korea University used a lot of two-point attacks. Attempted an attack with high probability. However, Korea University could not bridge the gap with Konkuk University. It was because Cho Hwan-hee (183cm, G) and Kim Do-yeon (190cm, F) hit 3 points in a row. The score between Korea University and Konkuk University changed to 12-6.

Park Jung-hwan (180cm, G) showed his wit. He scored 3 points after using the ballless screen, and finished Moon Jeong-hyun (194cm, F)’s give-and-go with a bounce pass. When several players, including Park Jung-hwan, played their part, Korea University widened the gap with Konkuk University by 29-17.

After the start of the 2nd quarter, Konkuk University faced a change in defense. I had to deal with the 3-2 drop zone with Freddy (203cm, C) at the top. But I wasn’t too upset. The alley-oop and 3-point attempt shook Konkuk University’s defensive balance.

The course of the attack was not bad. However, Korea University allowed Konkuk University to score another 3 points. Kim Joon-young (182cm, G) and Choi Seung-bin (191cm, F) scored three points in a row. On top of that, Lee Dong-geun (198cm, F)’s absurd catching miss. Korea University was chased by 33-25.

When Moon Jeong-hyeon and Yang Jun (200cm, C) withdrew from the court, Korea University swayed to 35-30. It was because he couldn’t block Freddy’s attack under the goal. However, Park Joon-hyeong (191cm, F) broke the goal and Kim Tae-hoon (190cm, F) witty steal changed the atmosphere. Korea University finished the first half with a score of 45-33.

Park Moo-bin, who suffered a nose injury, came onto the court in the third quarter. The best lineup, including Kim Do-eun (183cm, G), Kim Tae-hoon, Moon Jeong-hyun and Yang Joon, came out together. Korea University, which put the best lineup on the court, tried to decide the match quickly.

The defense of the best lineup shone. Korea University, which prevented Konkuk University from scoring with defense, put Moon Jeong-hyeon and Kim Tae-hoon at the forefront with a one-two punch. With Moon Jeong-hyeon and Kim Tae-hoon scoring, they widened the gap with Konkuk University. The third quarter ended 68-44.토토사이트

Korea University’s victory was virtually confirmed. However, Korea University did not let go of its concentration. Tall resources such as Moon Jeong-hyeon, Lee Dong-geun, and Kim Min-gyu (196cm, F) showed their offensive power, and Korea University defeated Konkuk University by a larger margin. And the regular season championship was celebrated in front of the home fans.

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