‘Saving Lee Jae-young and Rumors of Discord’… Lee Da-young suddenly said what she wanted to say and left.

“(Twin sister) Lee Jae-young suffered a lot of damage because of my fault…”

This is what Lee Da-young (26), a setter who left Korean professional volleyball and played in an overseas league after being pointed out as the perpetrator of “school violence” (school violence), volunteered for an interview. 

Lee Da-young said at Incheon International Airport on the 5th, “The school violence problem is my problem that occurred when I was in the second year of middle school.” “Lee Jae-young, who was not there at the time, suffered great damage now because of my fault. I couldn’t,” he said. 

Sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were identified as perpetrators of their academic background in February 2021. Afterwards, a handwritten apology was posted, but when public opinion deteriorated, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team eventually took action following an indefinite suspension of participation. The sisters left immediately to play in the Greek League. Lee Jae-young returned to Korea midway due to a knee injury and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Lee Da-young played for Bolero Le Canero in the French league this season after playing for Greece and Romania. 

What Lee Da-young emphasized on this day is that her sister Lee Jae-young is irrelevant in the process of school violence. In fact, he set out to ‘save Lee Jae-young’. After leaving for an overseas league as if she were running away, she didn’t say anything먹튀검증 for a while, but this time, she actually announced an official interview. 

V-League Pepper Savings Bank showed interest in Lee Jae-young, but after this fact was known, it was canceled due to public opinion. There are other teams that have paid attention to Lee Jae-young. This is why this interview can be interpreted as creating an environment to help Lee Jae-young return to the court. 

In an interview with a broadcasting company where Lee Da-young said in the past, “I just cursed with a knife,” Lee Jae-young also apologized for her abusive behavior, saying, “I’m really sorry for the behavior that hurt those friends.” At the time of the controversy, Lee Da-young replied, “Because I belong to Heungkuk Life Insurance, there were parts we couldn’t do as we pleased, and there were parts we could talk about, but we couldn’t.” .

On the other hand, there is also a point of view that Lee Da-young is not reflecting enough. Lee Da-young said, “I asked for this place to say sorry to the fans once again,” but also said, “After the incident, I met the victim in person to apologize and try to ask for forgiveness, but those friends still avoid meeting.” . Lee Da-young also said, “Those friends say they don’t want to contact them, and they’re asking for 100 million won per person (as a settlement) through a lawyer.”

She gives the impression that she is trying to blame the victim rather than the perpetrator. In the process, she even disclosed all of the victims’ demands. She left a question mark on the sincerity of her apology, saying, “If given the opportunity, she would like to apologize to her friends at the time and ask for their forgiveness.” 

And that’s not all. Lee Da-young also mentioned the rumor of a feud with player A at the time he was playing for Heungkuk Life Insurance. He is an ace in Heungkuk Life Insurance and is aiming for a senior in the volleyball team. Lee Da-young said, “The controversy caused by the problem with player A was true,” and “I want to ask that player why he did that. I never hit the ball I raised. There were such problems,”

Lee Da-young said on this day, “I am so grateful and fun to be able to play on the stage (overseas league) that I thought of as a dream.” Lee Da-young left for France leaving only controversy behind.Reporter  

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