Sexual harassment of a housekeeper in his 70s? 99-year-old Lee Jong-hwan, innocent of ‘1 trillion donation king’

The court has initiated disciplinary procedures against an incumbent judge who was caught by the police for buying sex during weekday working hours. Criticism that the judge in question should be severely punished as he destroyed trust in the judge, but the legal community predicted that it would end with a fine punishment through summary prosecution rather than formal prosecution. At the same time, he emphasized that there is a possibility of severe토토사이트 punishment for the level of internal disciplinary action in that he bought sex during working hours, and in the case of a judge who committed a sex crime, additional measures must be taken to permanently exclude him from the case.

According to the legal community on the 1st, the Ulsan District Court announced on the 31st of last month that it had requested disciplinary action against Judge A (42), a member of the judge. On July 17, the Ulsan District Court received a notification from the police about the start of the investigation into Judge A and recognized the fact of the blood. The court explained, “Immediately after the notification, the judge was not allowed to take on criminal trial work from August, after the court recess.”

Previously, Judge A was accused of prostitution with Mr. B, a woman in her 30s whom she met through a chat application at a hotel in Gangnam, Seoul on the 22nd of last month at 4:00 pm. The police arrested Mr. B in a hotel room on the afternoon of the same day and identified Judge A who left the scene and booked him without detention. At the time, Judge A was on a business trip in Seoul to handle her work-related schedule, and after she was charged with prostitution, it was known that she also participated in a sex crime trial.

Attorney Kim Hee-ran (Leaders Law Firm) said, “Since judges are civil servants, disciplinary actions are taken in accordance with relevant regulations. In most cases, civil servants charged with prostitution are given a light disciplinary punishment, such as a pay cut or suspension. The judge has been given a three-month disciplinary punishment,” he said.

Attorney Lee Seung-woo (Junghyang Law Firm) also said, “Although social criticism is high, the possibility of high disciplinary action such as dismissal is low.” In the case of the case, additional measures such as permanent exclusion from the case will be necessary to gain the public’s trust,” he emphasized.

An attorney in Yeouido, who was anonymous, said, “Even if he is a judge who handles the law, considering that he is a first-time offender, I think it will end with a suspended indictment and a fine.” As there are things that are hard to see as prostitution, there is a possibility of severe punishment given the level of internal disciplinary action.”

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