‘Shillim weapon riot’ 30’s… 14 cases sent to juvenile department for 3 criminal convictions

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station said on the same day that it had arrested Jo Mo, a Korean national in his 30s, on charges of murder먹튀검증.

At the time, according to eyewitness testimony and closed-circuit ( CC ) TV from nearby stores , Mr. Cho wandered around the area where restaurants and pubs near Sillim Station were concentrated around 2:00 pm and brandished a weapon indiscriminately. Surprised by the sudden situation, passers-by had to evacuate into the store to avoid Mr. Cho.

The police arrived after receiving a report that “someone stabbed someone and ran away,” and arrested Mr. Cho at around 2:20 p.m.

A man in his 20s died in the incident. Three other male victims were rushed to the hospital and are receiving treatment. One of them was also reported to be in critical condition.

It was found that Cho stabbed the victim’s neck and shoulder intensively. Even after the resisting victim was knocked down, he swung the weapon two or three more times.

It was found that Cho had 3 prior convictions, including assault, and 14 other investigative records sent to the juvenile department. He is currently detained in the detention center of the Gwanak Police Station and is being investigated.

A police official said, “We are trying to find out the details of the incident, such as whether he met the victims, whether drugs were used, and the motive for the crime.”

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