‘Shock bat assault incident’ KBO, 72G discipline to Lee Won-joon… SSG apology + oath to eradicate damage to dignity – introduction of collective reporting system

A major bad news called an assault incident broke out in professional baseball, which is trying to escape from the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and return to the era of 8 million spectators. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has already revealed the level of disciplinary action against those involved in the incident, amidst a shock wave.

KBO held a reward and punishment committee privately at the Baseball Hall in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 19th and deliberated on Lee Won-joon, who was currently a member of SSG, and Choi Sang-min, who SSG requested for a waiver announcement on the 13th.

It’s 2023, assault with a bat…’Pour cold water on box office fever’ KBO pulled out a knifeKBO said, “Lee Won-joon, Lee Ji-yeon, and Choi Sang-min abused some players during a training break at Ganghwa SSG Field on the 6th, and among them, Lee Won-joon additionally assaulted a certain player’s thigh with a baseball bat twice.” Based on Article 151 of the KBO Rules [Damage of Dignity], we have decided to suspend Lee Won-joon for 72 games for the act and assault.”

The same rules were applied to Lee Je-yeon and Choi Sang-min for the harsh behavior, and a 30-game suspension was decided on each.

The KBO Reward and Punishment Committee said, “We will issue a warning to SSG, considering that it reported the club to the KBO Clean Baseball Center immediately after recognizing the matter and actively cooperated with follow-up measures.”

Lee Won-jun was a promising pitcher who joined the SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG) in 2017 as the first nomination. He did not get many opportunities in the first team, but he went through the National Sports Unit (Sangmu) and was growing his chances by recording 1 win in 3 games and an earned run average (ERA) of 1.38 in the Futures (2nd division) league this season.

Violence cannot be justified under any circumstances. In particular, it shocked baseball fans even more in that it happened in 2023.

On the 6th, player A said that the attitude and expression of his junior B while talking to other players were not good, and A instructed young players including B to dress up as a group at Incheon Ganghwa SSG Futures Field. Lee Won-joon, not knowing that he was in a spirited spirit, hit B’s butt twice with a baseball bat, saying that he was being teased because of his junior B. In the process of checking B’s body, the coach of the 2nd team revealed the circumstances of the incident, and SSG reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center on the day it was reported (7th). After writing a police report th

A dizzying assault case that occurred ‘again’ in 3 years… SSG, one-strike withdrawal + promise to prevent recurrenceSSG held its own disciplinary committee on the 12th and decided on Lee Won-joon’s ‘one strike out (withdrawal)’. In May 2020, when I was in SK, there was a similar incident at the same place. At the time, it was said that the junior players’ leaving the accommodation without a license and driving without a license were the reasons, but at the time, the team said, ‘The players caused social controversy by engaging in acts that damaged dignity outside of the game, such as violence, sex crimes, drunk driving (driving without a license), and gambling. In this case, we will revise the existing team management regulations and re-examine the system so that ‘one strike out (withdrawal)’ can be applied depending on the degree of error. When the incident occurred again three years later, SSG immediately removed Lee Won-joon.

Of course, SSG cannot be free from responsibility either먹튀검증 An SSG official who spoke with Star News earlier said, “It was something that shouldn’t happen again. There was also a recurrence of the same problem, but I decided that holding a bat was a bigger problem.” I had an interview with the player, and I thought that I had done something I shouldn’t have done because I couldn’t stand it for a moment, and I was bitterly regretting it. said.

On that day, the KBO discipline was announced, and SSG immediately released an apology for the act of damaging the dignity of the 2nd team players.

rough self-investigation, it was submitted on the 9th.

SSG said, “First of all, we sincerely apologize for disappointing the fans who love professional baseball due to the disrespectful behavior of some players.” We will do our best to cut bones in the future to prevent this.”

“At this point, we will accurately diagnose the level of awareness and behavior of all the players in the 1st and 2nd teams on the act of damaging dignity, and reexamine the overall management and operation of the team, including the training of the team, the method of checking the actual situation, and the plan for operating the accommodation,” he said. “Based on this, we will strengthen the rules and systems so that the standards and perceptions of the entire 1st and 2nd squads, including the coaching staff, for demeaning behavior can be aligned with the social eye level,” he emphasized.

Specific alternatives were also outlined. SSG said, “Especially, we will use it as an opportunity to renew our mindset towards the system by establishing a new ‘Pledge to Eliminate Damage to Dignity’ and signing it at the time of contract every year.” We will also strengthen it,” he said.

The club was able to control the situation itself where a group spirit could occur. SSG explained, “In addition, we will operate the assembly for the communication of the team itself in advance and manage it strongly so as not to violate the purpose, place, and time of the assembly.”

“Once again, we sincerely apologize to the fans.

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