Shouting ‘Jamboree’ and ‘click’… A British scout touring the night view of Seoul

British crew members who participated in the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ and retired early enjoyed a night view tour in Seoul on the 6th.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the 7th, the city and British scouts conducted a nighttime city tour bus operation program for British members through consultations. A total of 200 people received applications, and 155 members participated and boarded the city tour bus.

They boarded a city tour bus that left in front of Koreana Hotel in Gwanghwamun at 9:20 pm the previous day. A total of 4 city tour buses, including 2 double-decker buses and 2 single-decker buses, were provided on this day with the cooperation of Tiger City Tour.

Members of the crew got on the bus after receiving fans and earphones before departure, and the crew members on the second floor waved and cheered as they departed. While taking pictures, they shouted “Jamboree” and ” Say Kimchi” and sang songs together먹튀검증.

The City Tour Bus departed from Gwanghwamun and headed for representative tourist attractions in Seoul, such as Banpo Bridge, N Seoul Tower, and Cheonggye Plaza. Members on the bus were interested in the night view spots in Seoul, such as Banpo Bridge and Some Sevit, and exclaimed in admiration as they looked at the night view of Seoul while climbing near N Seoul Tower.

We arrived at 10:12 pm and enjoyed the night view of Seoul while taking a group photo in front of N Seoul Tower. After completing the 1 hour and 20 minute tour, the crew returned to Gwanghwamun around 10:40 pm.

Kester Sharpe, Head of Scouting UK Regional Team Staff, said, “I am delighted to be in Seoul. I am delighted to have the amazing experience of seeing all the sights of Seoul while traveling by bus. It’s amazing that you can experience various cultures. I’m having a good time.”

He said, “The hardest thing about coming here is the sun and the weather. I’m not used to hardships, but I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know all the plans for this week, but there are surprises for the kids. Different things every day. I will let you know,” he added.

British scouts participated in this year’s Saemangeum Jamboree, the largest number of 4,300, but after leaving early, they moved to Seoul and are staying in temporary accommodations. The British scout is scheduled to return home on the 13th as scheduled.

The city tour bus program was prepared by the Seoul Metropolitan Government after an emergency meeting between Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and the British scout delegation the day before.

Mayor Oh discussed how to support scouts in an emergency meeting with Matt Hyde, head of the British Scout Federation, and Gareth Weir, deputy secretary of the British Embassy in Korea, the previous day. The City will provide additional programs after discussions with the UK delegation.

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