‘Sillim-dong hiking trail sexual assault murderer’ Choi Yun-jong, 30 years old… Mugshot Revealed

The identity of the suspect who raped and killed먹튀검증 a woman on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Seoul in broad daylight has been revealed.

On the 23rd, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a Personal Disclosure Committee and decided to disclose the name, age and face of 30-year-old Choi Yoon-jong. The police also released a ‘mug shot’ with Choi Yoon-jong’s consent.

A mugshot is a photograph taken by police to identify a suspect who is being held on a particular charge

The Identity Disclosure Committee said, “In view of the fact that the suspect had carefully planned the crime, such as buying a weapon and searching for a location, and attempted sexual assault on an unspecified woman in a public place, causing death, the brutality of the crime and the seriousness of the damage This is recognized,” he said, revealing the reason for the disclosure.

In addition, ” there is sufficient evidence such as the suspect’s confession, on-site CCTV, and criminal tools, and the identity of the suspect is disclosed in consideration of the public interest such as public unrest due to consecutive crimes and the effect of preventing similar crimes. “

Choi Yoon-jong is suspected of raping and murdering a woman he has never met on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at around 11:40 am on the 17th.Choi Yoon-jong insisted that he had no intention of killing the victim, but the National Institute of Scientific Investigation stated that the victim was presumed to have died from suffocation.


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