‘Sillim-dong knife attack’ Joseon, video taken 10 minutes before the crime ‘shock’

A closed-circuit ( CC ) TV video was released

showing Chosun, the culprit of the ‘Sillim먹튀검증 Station Do Not Ask Knife Fighting’ incident, stealing a weapon from a mart 10 minutes before the crime . The weapon used in the crime was stolen and items unrelated to the crime were purchased. In the released video, Mr. Cho entered a mart in Geumcheon-gu on the afternoon of the 21st. In the video, Mr. Cho approaches the kitchen utensils section, picks up two of his weapons, and examines them carefully. Afterwards, Mr. Cho, who looked around, went around here and there, taking advantage of a gap when no one was there, inserting a weapon into his pants and lowering his top to hide it. Mr. Cho, who hid the weapon, picks up and puts down the cup noodles as if looking at them, brings items unrelated to the crime, pays the bill, and leaves the mart. Afterwards, Mr. Cho took a taxi and moved to the vicinity of Sillim Station, where he killed one person and stabbed and injured three others. Previously, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency held a personal information disclosure review committee on the 26th and decided to disclose the identity of the suspect, including the face and name of Chosun. On the 28th, he was arrested and sent to the prosecution on charges of murder, attempted murder, theft, and fraud. Cho, who appeared in front of the Gwanak Police Station that day, answered “yes” to the question, “Do you admit that you planned (the crime)?”

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