Some former Navy Chiefs of Staff oppose changing the name of Hong Beom-do… “Intangible power”

It was confirmed that at a gathering of past naval chiefs of staff, there were voices opposing the change in the name of the naval submarine Hong Beom-do.

According to the ‘Hankyoreh’ report on the 9th, the Navy held a policy advisory meeting at the Navy Headquarters on this day with the participation메이저놀이터 of past chiefs of staff. While about 10 former Navy Chiefs of Staff attended the meeting and discussed official agenda items such as the Defense Innovation 4.0 Naval Promotion Plan and the introduction of the Incheon Landing Operation Victory Commemoration Event, several former Chiefs of Staff expressed opposition to the recent controversial move to change the name of the Hong Beom-do ship. It is known that

Former Navy Chief of Staff Hwang Ki-cheol (former Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs), who attended the meeting on this day, said in a phone call with the Hankyoreh, “Some attendees expressed their opposition to the move to change the name of the Hong Beom-do. However, since it is a matter for the Navy to review and decide (whether the name of the ship needs to be changed) and the government has not begun the process of changing the name of the ship, the former chiefs of staff are not trying to make a common position.”

Former Vice Admiral Hwang emphasized, “Intangible power is as important as tangible power, and when it comes to warships, its name is one of intangible power,” adding, “There is a need to respect the Navy’s culture and identity.”

Former President Hwang said, “The fact that General Hong Beom-do joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was already known in 1962, when the government awarded General Hong Beom-do the National Foundation Medal. “My personal opinion is that since the facts have not changed between then and now, there is no new reason to change the name of the warship,” he said.

He continued, “General Hong’s joining the Communist Party was to receive support from the Soviet Union for the struggle for independence from Japan and to ensure that the lives of Goryeo people were not harmed. He added, “Both in 1962 and now, it is stipulated that for those who did not actively cooperate with the communist regime but simply participated, their membership in the communist party will not be considered an issue in the award process.”

On the 4th, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-seop hinted at changing the name of the Navy’s 1,800-ton class submarine Hong Beom-do, saying, “I think there is a need to review the name. I am looking at it this way.” Previously, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo also said at the general meeting of the National Assembly Budget and Accounts Committee on the 31st of last month, “I don’t think it is appropriate to name a warship that must fight our main enemy after a person who was a member of the Communist Party. “We need to consider modifications,” he said. A Ministry of National Defense official met with reporters the next day, the 1st of this month, and denied the related information.

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