Son Heung-min, take off the mask and full-time… Perisicie ‘Emotional Explosion’

Tottenham player Son Heung-min played full-time without a mask for the first time after injury, but did not prevent the team from losing. couldn’t
He even vented his displeasure at Perisic for his cacophony  .

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Son Heung-min, who went to the ground bare-faced from the start, fired 5 shots, the most of both teams, but was unable to open the Arsenal goal. 카지노

The right-footed shot after exquisitely digging into the back space was blocked by the goalkeeper, and the last-minute shot of the second half also missed the goal.

The frustrating feelings exploded in the 45th minute of the second half. 

Son Heung-min passed to Perisic, who was rushing in, but Perisic gave up early.

Perisic was annoyed that Son Heung-min’s pass was late, and Son Heung-min was dissatisfied with giving up too early.

This season, when Perisic joined, the two players often overlapped in their movements, and they did not breathe well and experienced ‘dissonance’, and their emotions exploded with each other.

Tottenham lost 2-0 to leaders Arsenal.

While Tottenham goalkeeper Lloris conceded an own goal early in the game with a fatal mistake, Arsenal Ramsdale created the contrast by godly blocking all seven shots on target. (Video editing: Woo Ki-jeong, CG: Lim Chan-hyuk · Kim Hong-sik)

Here, a Tottenham home fan even kicked Ramsdale, who was having a war of nerves with Hischarlisson after the game, and Tottenham lost face one way or another.

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