Sungkyunkwan University OBs who have been together for the first time in 4 years convey their sincerity to their juniors

Basketball players from Sungkyunkwan University gathered at Hanyang University.

On the 16th, the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match between Sungkyunkwan University and Hanyang University was held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium, where many Sungkyunkwan University OB players, including sports commentator Lee Sang-yoon, who commented on the match, gathered. It was to cheer for the active players of Sungkyunkwan University who were playing the game.

Coach Lee Sang-yoon, class of 1982, as well as Sungkyunkwan University Park Jong-ha, who played the game today, and Park Sang-wook (class of 1990), who is also the father of Park So-hee (Hanawon Q), the protagonist of the WKBL Rookie of the Year last season; ), Beomjun Kim (class of 1999), Hyoseong Lim (class of 2000), and Taehyung Kim (class of 2007) visited the stadium.

The leader of the meeting was Seowon University professor Kim Bum-joon, who was in the class of 1999.

He said, “They are Sungkyunkwan University’s basketball team alumni. From senior Lee Sang-yoon, who gave commentary, to seniors instructing on the field, coaches, etc., we gathered together. Originally, we meet once or twice a year, but there are juniors’ matches, so even though it’s a weekday, they came and cheered on in person. I came here often, but because of Corona 19, I couldn’t find the stadium for 4 years, and then I came back.”

Sungkyunkwan University, tied for 5th place with Hanyang University, lost 68-82 in the match. They played an equal game in the beginning, but collapsed sharply after the third quarter. It was an important game for the ranking, but in the second half, I missed an easy shot and had a turnover. Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon also pointed out the wrong parts of the players after the game and urged them.

“It would have been nice if we had won, but wouldn’t there be times when we do well and times when we don’t?” Professor Kim Bum-joon asked back, “It is meaningful in itself to see and cheer for juniors, regardless of win or loss. The season is not over yet, and we have to do better in the future.” . From the standpoint of the seniors, if you support and encourage them, and sometimes bring a little bit of encouragement money so that the players can eat something delicious when they come to the stadium, wouldn’t that help the juniors?” he laughed.

Also, “They want to do well, but I think the game didn’t work out. As the content of the game went differently from what the bench demanded, I think the coach reprimanded the players after the game. It will be an opportunity to do better.”

Due to COVID-19, I haven’t been able to directly support my juniors for several years, but now I’m thinking of starting my activities again in earnest.

Professor Kim said, “Those in the field can still see juniors and students often, but there are also many alumni in the industrial field. Still, I want to support and encourage my juniors on time. The players must have been unfamiliar with us today. Rather than being happy, they must have thought that it was difficult.”

Also, he said, “In the past, we gathered at our natural science campus gymnasium located in Suwon, but this time we met at the away game at Hanyang University because we had to meet the schedule. Next time, we plan to visit the players according to the schedule and encourage them.”

Prof. Kim Bum-jun, who said that he would continue to hold meetings to support his juniors, expressed his gratitude to the alumni and juniors who actively came forward to encourage the juniors that day.

He said, “For this event, more than 80 minutes were gathered through social media and messengers. In order to encourage juniors and prepare various things, we had to collect membership fees, but more than 70% of people actively participated even when they were unable to attend in person. Coach Lee Han-kwon (Hanawon Q) and coach Jin Gyeong-seok (KB) also wanted to attend, but could not come due to team training. There are many people who have left the basketball field now, but I was proud that everyone seems to be doing well in the industry, and I felt grateful for coming together. “he said.

“Other schools have alumni associations, but we have been gathering steadily since before, and we pride ourselves on having a closer relationship than any other alumni. I’m thinking of doing it,” he said.

In addition,토토사이트 to juniors who are currently playing college leagues, “The environment and conditions for exercising are very different from the past when we played basketball. I want you to think a lot,” he said.

He said, “The coaches are giving guidance with a lot of thought and effort, but players can grow only when they realize and accept it. Especially these days, the role of themselves is growing bigger. It’s really hard to catch both rabbits from the standpoint of doing both, but I want to focus deeply and grow further in the future.”

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