Suspicion of ‘second child after leaving home’ Monk Doyeon goes to the world without clarifying the truth

 Monk Do-yeon, who left home after a divorce but was suspected of having a second child with his ex-wife, abandons his status as a monk and returns to the world.

According to the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism on the 26th, while an investigation into the allegation that Doyeon violated the precepts by having a second child after leaving the Buddhist priesthood was under way, a recent petition was submitted to the religious 메이저놀이터order through the parish headquarters.

He renounced his status as a monk and applied to return to the secular world. Currently, internal approval of the terminal is in progress.

An official of the Jogye Order explained in a phone call with Yonhap News that day, “If you apply for a refund, it is usually accepted.”

Suspicion that Do-yeon got a second child after leaving the house was raised on an internet bulletin board, and she was investigated by the Hobeopbu, an investigative agency within the Jogye Order.

He claimed that it was “unfounded that he had a second child after leaving home,” but it was reported that he explained to the effect that it was difficult to fulfill the order’s request to prove it through genetic testing because his ex-wife did not respond.

As he decided to return to the mundane world, it became difficult for the Jogye Order to investigate the second child’s suspicion and clarify the truth.

Do-yeon majored in electronic engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ( KAIST ) before leaving home and becoming famous as a meditation instructor at Bongeunsa Temple.

When the suspicion of his second child arose, he said on social media (SNS), “I feel responsible for putting a burden on the Jogye Order and having a bad influence on it through this work, and I will spend time self-restraint and devoting myself to training and studies for the time being . ” position has been expressed.

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