Taiwan’s real-time current situation through ‘scorched earth’ haiku 

According to Reuters and Taiwan’s Central News Agency on the 4th, Haikui struck Taiwan directly the day before, causing a power outage in about 250,000메이저놀이터 households, mainly in the southeast. In addition, water supply was cut off to approximately 13,000 households, and approximately 370 communication bases suffered disruptions.

As the maximum wind speed at the moment reached 140 km, damage continued. Taiwanese fire authorities said 116 people were injured in Haikui and that they were investigating whether the cause of death of one person found dead on the road was related to the typhoon.

Schools and businesses were closed, and most flights were canceled. Hundreds of ships were also out of service at one point. The number of people evacuated this morning was about 7,800. Videos of strong rain and wind captured in Taiwan were also shared on social networking services ( SNS

) such as X (Twitter) . It included scenes of signs and traffic lights shaking like leaves, and vehicles moving forward being pushed back. There were also photos of street trees breaking and flying away, unable to withstand the strong winds.

Haikui, which swept across Taiwan, entered the Taiwan Strait with a loss of momentum this afternoon and is heading toward China.

Previously, Chinese authorities issued a level 2 typhoon warning, predicting that the typhoon would land in southern Fujian and Guangdong provinces on the morning of the 5th.

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