Tatum, who escaped from the sluggish ‘4th quarter silence is over’, achieves a new history for the club

American Professional Basketball (NBA) All-Star forward Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics) performed like an ace and escaped from the playoff (PO) elimination crisis. He then left his name in Boston club history.

Boston won 116-99 in Game 4 of the 2022-23 NBA Playoffs (PO) Eastern Conference Finals (4 wins from 7 matches) against the Miami Heat held at the Kaseya Center in Miami on the 24th. Boston gave up all the first three games of the series, but managed to win the first on this day. Boston overpowered Miami with 6 players scoring 10 or more points each. 

The protagonist of the victory was ‘Ace’ Tatum. In the elimination game, he recorded 33 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists in 42 minutes. In particular, he dominated the game by scoring 25 points in the second half alone.

The concerns caused by the previous sluggishness were completely washed away. Tatum tasted the humiliation of ‘0 success in the 4th quarter’ in the 1st to 3rd games where the team lost. In Game 3, the score gap widened early, so he did not play in the 4th quarter, but his reputation as an ace was cracked by being silent in the 1st and 2nd games. 

However, on this day, he scored 11 points by making 5 out of 7 field goals in the 4th quarter alone. Miami failed to contain Tatum and self-destructed with a series of turnovers.

Meanwhile, American recording media Statmuse highlighted Tatum’s record. Tatum ranked first in the most average scoring category in the club’s PO history (23.8 points). He stood shoulder to shoulder with the ‘legend’ Larry Bird. At the same time, he rose to the top spot for most three-pointers made (221 made).메이저사이트

Attention is focusing on whether Boston, which has led the series to Game 5, will be able to continue its momentum at home. Game 5 between the two teams will be held at TD Garden in Boston on the 26th.

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