Teachers in memory of Seoi-cho teacher… Confrontation between school gates “Please prepare a memorial space”

In order to commemorate teacher A, who was presumed dead due to an extreme choice, teachers and citizens visited the elementary school where the teacher worked and confronted the police across the school gate, saying, “Please create a temporary memorial space.”

Some teachers and mourners who visited the site on the 20th demanded that the police and the principal of Seoi-cho prepare a temporary memorial space온라인카지노.

At around 3:00 pm that day, about 10 teachers attempted to enter the school, asking the principal of Seoi-cho to prepare a memorial space. However, they were not allowed to enter the main school building due to the school sheriff’s restraint, and about 40 minutes later, other citizens and teachers who visited the school began demanding to open the school gates from inside and outside the school gates.

When the police stopped them from entering the school gate at around 4:20 p.m., they repeatedly shouted slogans, “Open it” and “Clear it,” and protested, saying, “Tell me why you can’t open the door.”

Afterwards, the police opened the school gates after 6:00 and placed three desks in the playground to allow mourners to lay flowers.

Vice Minister Chang, who visited the site at around 5:30 before opening the school gates, paid tribute to an elementary school teacher who was found dead at school the day before. “As one of the people in charge of education policy, I feel a great sense of responsibility,” said the vice-minister.

Vice Minister Jang announced that he would hold a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Lee Ju-ho on the 21st to come up with countermeasures in relation to the recent series of infringements on teaching rights. He said, “There are too many factors that discourage teachers’ legitimate educational activities at school, such as reporting child abuse.” He added, “We need to fully listen to the opinions of teachers and discuss what we can do.” .

On the 18th, it was reported that Mr. A, a teacher in his 20s, made an extreme choice in school. Mr. A is a new teacher who was appointed in March of last year, and took charge of the first grade homeroom at Seoi Elementary School this year. The cause of Mr. A’s death has not yet been revealed, but this incident is drawing sympathy from teachers and citizens for the infringement of teaching rights. On this day, the representative of the bereaved family of the deceased said at a press conference of the Federation of Teachers’ Unions, “It is difficult to face this situation now, but the bereaved family is having a harder time due to various undisclosed allegations.” urged. He continued, “I want to confirm what caused the change in the contents of the school entrance statement and whether there were any grievances of the deceased due to continuous malicious complaints.” I also want to confirm what the specific content of ‘ is.”

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